The School of Business is committed to developing leaders for tomorrow’s business world. Our programs in business administration, accounting, economics and the MBA provide all the skills needed to succeed in today’s fast changing world. Students entering university now will most likely change careers five times in their professional lives. They will be working in fields that have yet to be invented and developed. They will be routinely working with people from all corners of the world. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “All is flux and transformation, everything flows, nothing abides.” And so it is with business, forcing you quickly to become aware that learning is a lifelong enterprise. We are taking great pride in preparing our students for such a world.


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Business Administration program

We are committed to preparing you for the professional world. By delivering a broad liberal arts background paired with a rigorous and diverse curriculum, you will enter the job market prepared to excel.

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The mission of the accounting program is to offer a descriptive and analytical discipline that provides quantitative information critical to management decision-making.



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The ability to work effectively in a business environment is another primary skill that Saint Martin's offers its students. Internships for business students are a great opportunity to experience various career options, while building interpersonal skills necessary to grow and succeed!

Internships and study abroad


Saint Martin's University School of Business also places emphasis on the multicultural setting of business competition, both in national and international markets, and on the political economy in which it operates.


Study abroad augments the business major

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Striving to be a traveler

"Above all, during the trip we learned about looking at the world through a different perspective, one that let us step out of our comfort zones and think more carefully about the people who inhabit those places."

Lauren Diuco Business Administration Class of 2019

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