We, the faculty, staff, trustees and administration at Saint Martin’s University pledge to provide our students nothing short of the very best education, one that is holistic in nature, and collaborative and integrative in approach.

Saint Martin’s University is an inclusive community of learners and thinkers, rooted in tradition and inspired toward progress. Informed by the Catholic intellectual tradition, Saint Martin’s University endeavors to unite academic rigor and excellence with moral thought and social responsibility: higher education that seeks to serve and promote the common good. Guided by our Benedictine values, Saint Martin’s embraces the ideal of balance: that education involves developing the whole person—the mind and body, heart and soul.

As Catholic and Benedictine, Saint Martin’s has an opportunity and an obligation to educate the next generation of leaders to be mindful citizens of the world, who can exhibit wisdom and compassion in thought and through action.

Here at Saint Martin's students learn to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. In their studies and activities outside the classroom, They are empowered to pursue a lifetime of learning and accomplishment. 

We, the faculty, staff, trustees and administration at Saint Martin’s pledge to provide our students nothing short of the very best education.

Saint Martin's University leadership includes the presidentprovost and cabinet.

Saint Martin's University leadership

Nate Peters, MBA

  • Vice President of Marketing and Communications
  • Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Key offices

Office of the President

The University co-presidents jointly serve as the chief executive officer and the chief planning officer. The co-presidents share responsibility for the definition and attainment of goals, for administrative action, and for operating the communications system that links the components of the academic community. The co-presidents are the official advisor to, and executive agent of, the Board of Trustees.

Saint Martin's Abbey

First founded as a priory in 1895, Saint Martin's Abbey is a community of Roman Catholic Benedictine monks who follow the Rule of St Benedict. Saint Martin’s University, founded in 1895, is the primary apostolate of the Abbey.

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