Saint Martin's University is ready and prepared to communicate with members of its community in case of local, regional, national, or international emergency.

Emergency preparedness

  • Emergency response plan

    In the event of a major emergency, the Campus Emergency Response Team will be activated to coordinate the University’s Campus Emergency Response Plan. This plan is not intended to be allinclusive but to aid the calm, reasoned, response of each individual, ensuring the safety of each community member, the least damage to property and the least disruption to the educational process. 

Clery Act

Emergency notification

  • Wide-area emergency broadcast systems

    Saint Martin's has two wide-area emergency broadcast system (WEBS), aka the blue-light photo towers, on campus that produce outdoor loudspeaker announcements. Each tower contains an emergency call phone connected directly to Thurston County 9-1-1 and four 40-watt broadcast speakers allowing outdoor notification over a 1,000 foot radius. The WEBS blue-light phones are located in the Lynch faculty/staff parking lot (D) and along the north shoulder of Baran Drive at the end of the pathway leading from the Jan Halliday Plaza to Baran Drive.

  • Website

    ​This website will be updated as necessary in the event of a campus emergency. 

  • Emergency phones

    Emergency phones are located at the entrance to Baran Hall, by the 1st floor stairwell door of the North Wing in Old Main, and in the 2nd floor hallway outside the Public Safety Office (Old Main, Room 251). Public pay phones may also be used to dial 911 (free of charge) and are located in the apex of the 1st and 3rd floors of Old Main, at the front entrance of the Hal and Inge Marcus Pavilion,and in the Trautman Union Building (TUB).

Earthquake preparedness and procedures

  • Earthquake preparedness and procedures

    When the ground starts to shake, "Drop, Cover and Hold." When you feel an earthquake, DROP and COVER under a desk or sturdy table. Stay away from windows and objects like bookcases that could fall. HOLD on to the desk or table. If it moves, move with it. Resist the urge to run. You are at greater risk of being hit, or even buried, by flying debris if you run outside.

Evacuation procedures