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School of Business internship program

Saint Martin’s University School of Business has established an outstanding and distinct internship program designed to help students get the most out of their undergraduate degree. In today’s competitive job market having real world experience can change a otherwise decent applicant into and outstanding one. Business administration and accounting students are encouraged to participate in an internship during their junior and/ or senior year.

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Note: The completed internship contract and final student evaluation should be turned into the internship director. Also, if you are an International Student, you only need a signature from OIPD on the internship contract.

Business student interns

Information for potential and current interns:


In today's competitive world, having a formal business education background is a distinct advantage. However, successfully completing a well thought out business curriculum is just one of many skills that students need to develop. The ability to work effectively in a business environment is another primary skill that requires development. Internships provide that environment within a structured setting. Thoughtful internship preparation offers students the opportunity to experience various career options while applying core business and interpersonal skills necessary to grow and succeed in their chosen field. These objectives are achieved while you earn university credit. Many students report that they have received employment offers from their internship sponsors while others have received outstanding recommendations to add to their resume.

Internships are electives and as such require academic planning as well as faculty approval. You must:

  • have good academic standing (a minimum 2.0 GPA)

  • have taken related business courses (depending on the nature of your internship)

  • Junior (ACC390/ BA390) or Senior (ACC490/ BA490) class standing

If you are not a designated business major, you will be required to obtain a business faculty advisor for the internship and follow all other requirements as stated.

Finding a suitable internship that enhances your learning experience is your responsibility. The position you seek can be voluntary or paid. Your employer is responsible for 100% of your compensation. However, receiving compensation is not an internship requirement.

New internship opportunities may be sent to your SMU email directly from the School of Business. Many students network with peers that are completing their internship. The Center for Career and Calling also maintains a list on Saints4Hire. New internship opportunities often arise with urgency and may be sent to your SMU email directly from the School of Business. Many students network with peers that are completing their internship.

If the internship employer requires a resume or other background information, please ask your internship coordinator for assistance.

Bottom line, you cannot depend upon someone else to find you an internship. You need to experience the labor market yourself and seek meaningful internship employment that meets your educational needs as well as those of your employer.

The minimum commitment for an internship is 50 contact hours. When applying for your internship you will determine how many hours you would like to complete. One semester hour is equal to fifty internship contact hours. Up to six (6) credits can be completed with any one employer. A total of 9 credits are allowed with two or more employers. The work hours begin and end within the corresponding academic semester.

Your employer must certify you have completed the necessary work hours as part of the requirement to receive a passing grade.

Your total semester credits including internships should not exceed 18 credits.

  1. Set up a meeting with the internship director. At this meeting you should have a general idea of the objectives you wish to achieve while completing your internship.

  2. Complete and print out the internship contract.

  3. In order, obtain the signatures of your academic advisor, internship director, and internship employer.

  4. Return the signed internship contract to the School of Business office (OM379). The final approval of your internship will be determined by the School of Business Dean. If your internship is approved an electronic version will be sent to you and you will be enrolled in self-service. Please allow five days for your enrollment to reflect in self-service.

*Registration must be complete by the last day to add/drop for the semester. If you are concerned you may be close to this deadline contact the Internship director.

Before you can receive a final grade for your internship you are required to complete a final employer evaluation, reflection paper, and exit interview.

Final employer evaluation:

Your final employer evaluation will determine 70% of your internship grade. The evaluation must be submitted to the internship director no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.

Your employer will be asked to rate your performance on this form. You are responsible for assuring your employer completes and submits your evaluation to your internship coordinator. Your employer certifies the number of contact hours you have completed during the internship period (the scholastic period). You must meet or exceed the required number of hours stated in the contract (from 50 to 300 depending on the credits requested

Reflection paper:

Your internship reflection paper will determine 30% of your internship grade. Your reflection paper must be submitted to the internship director no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.

Your reflection paper should addresses the progress you have made in obtaining your stated internship objectives. Your reflection paper should be 5-8 pages long, double spaced.

Exit interview:

A brief 30 minute exit interview is the final step in the internship process. It is your responsibility to schedule either a telephone interview or meeting between you, your employer, and the internship director. This meeting should take place after you have submitted your final employer evaluation and reflection paper.

Possible penalties:

Late submission of the internship contract may result in failure to obtain course approval. Late submission of the final employer evaluation and/or the reflection paper may result in a failing grade. Termination of employment prior to completing the number of contract hours may result in a failing grade. No grade of "incomplete" will be given for internship credit(s).

Business internship employers

Information for potential and current employers:

Internship employers are responsible for:

  • Developing an internship position description and assigning duties/ responsibilities that offer interns the opportunity to expand their current academic understanding and provide a challenging and safe work experience.

  • Evaluate the intern's on-the-job performance in achieving the established goals and objectives.

  • Confirm the number of hours per week worked by the intern and document that the intern worked at least 50 hours of on-the-job work for each academic credit requested.

  • Participate in a telephone interview or short(30 minute) meeting at the end of the internship to review the interns performance.

Potential employers should spend time considering the projects and duties that will be assigned to their intern. The idea description would be short (one page) and include the following elements:

  1. The name of the employer and title of the internship

  2. A thorough description of intern responsibilities and duties.

  3. Specific education and practical skills deemed important to the assigned duties.

  4. The minimum number of hours per week, where applicable. Note if the internship is for credit, the intern is obligated to complete 50 hours for each credit requested.

  5. Internship start and end dates. Which should fall into the dates of the academic semester.

  6. The name, title, and contact information of the direct internship supervisor

  7. List of employer required application materials, such as a resume and interview process.

  8. Application deadline.

  9. Where compensation is involved, what that is.

All internship opportunities can be advertised through the School of Business office Internship Director and the Saint Martin's University Center for Career and Calling.

Most business internships are paid positions. However, this is not an internship requirement. Interns must pay for the internship credits requested as they would for any other college course. Saint Martin's School of Business encourages students to weigh the education experience offered above that of compensation.

Contact the Internship Director and the Saint Martin's University Center for Career and Calling.