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Ready to build a strong science foundation on which to launch a career in healthcare, forensics, or research? Chemistry may be the right major for you.

Why Saint Martin's University?

Saint Martin's University offers both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in chemistry. In addition to developing a strong foundation of chemistry knowledge, chemistry majors can expect one-on-one mentoring from faculty in advising, course work, and on independent research projects.

  • Design and conduct independent research projects
  • Receive mentoring and career planning guidance, including networking opportunities and chemistry-related career events
  • Travel to regional and national scientific meetings to present individual research, learn about cutting edge research and career opportunities, network, and engage with the greater chemistry community
  • Gain leadership experience by participating in Chemistry Club

Chemistry Requirements

Details on courses, including university core requirements, can be found in the academic catalog.  

Details on courses, including university core requirements, can be found in the academic catalog.   

  • 20 credit hours of lower-division courses
  • 10 credit hours of upper-division courses

Learn more from the academic catalog.

Chemistry at a Glance

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Program Type
Main (Lacey)
Type of Instruction
In Person
College of Arts and Sciences
What can I do with this major?

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Transformative Outcomes Icon Transformative Outcomes Transformative Outcomes Icon

Transformative outcomes

Career paths

  • Product development
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental testing
  • Regulation
  • Healthcare/pharmaceuticals
  • Forensics
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Supportive community


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