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Applying to Saint Martin's

Saint Martin's offers undergraduate programs at both its main Lacey campus and Saint Martin's-JBLM. To better support students who are emerging leaders, we have special scholarship and leadership programs including our Act Six program and Benedictine Scholars program.

Undergraduate programs at LaceyUndergraduate programs at JBLM

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Saint Martin's 2023

You will be a first-year or transfer student and want to study at our main Lacey campus.

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Saint Martin's-JBLM 2023 (spring, summer, fall)

You are interested in studying at our JBLM campus and want to start in 2023.

Application requirements

Application requirements for first-year students include: 

  • Saint Martin's Application or the Common Application* 

  • Official transcripts from all high schools and/ colleges attended 

  • Your official high school transcript or home school documentation, if applicable† 

  • Letter of recommendation  

  • No admissions essay required 

  • SAT/ACT test scores are optional  

  • **Nursing essay questions are required for all nursing applicants. 

Application requirements for transfer students include:

  • Saint Martin's Application or the Common Application*

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

  • Your official high school transcript, GED certificate or home school documentation, if applicable†

  • Military credits‡

  • **Nursing essay questions are required for all nursing applicants.

Learn how to work with the Common Application
Application details:
* There is no application fee for domestic transfer applicants.
** As instructed on the Common Application.
‡For those who have prior military credits: All scores from U.S. Armed Forces Institution Examinations (USAFI) and/or (DANTES) and/or College Examination Program (CLEP). Other documentation such as DD Form 214, DD Form 295, AARTS transcripts, CCAF transcripts, DLI transcripts and SMART transcripts.

Saint Martin’s defines any person needing a U.S. visa (student visa, exchange visitor visa or other non-immigrant classifications) as international. Depending on your visa status, additional documentation may be required.

Applications for undergraduate programs are accepted for fall, spring, and summer semesters.

International students have several paths to their goals at Saint Martin’s University: 

  • Students who meet full English proficiency requirements will enroll full time in their degree program 

  • Students who do not meet full English proficiency may also be admitted as degree-seeking and enroll in English language coursework in our ESL Program either concurrently or prior to their degree program. 

  • Students seeking to further their English language proficiency may enroll full time in our ESL Program.

Degree and certificate programs


Bachelor's degree applications

Apply to start 2023 (Spring, summer, fall)

Non-degree application

If you are not seeking a degree or certification, if you want to enroll in a course to fulfill requirements for a certification, work on pre-requisites for graduate school, or work on your personal career goals, you can use the following application to take a class at JBLM-Main or JBLM-McChord. 



Saint Martin's-JBLM

The Saint Martin's University-Joint Base Lewis-McChord Campus is committed to providing life-long learning opportunities to busy adults in our local communities. Currently we serve a community of non-traditional students on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, with offices at JBLM-Main's Stone Education Center and McChord Field's Education Center.