Marc Kirchmeier, Ph.D.

Photo of Marc Kirchmeier

Adjunct, Chemistry


Dr. Kirchmeier is a new adjunct professor at Saint Martin’s University.  He recently retired from the biotechnology industry where he specialized in the formulation, delivery, and bioanalytical characterization of proteins and vaccines. During his career, he played an integral role in several drug regulatory filings in the US and abroad, for protein and vaccine drug candidates.

Dr. Kirchmeier obtained a doctorate in chemistry from Oregon State University and went on to conduct postdoctoral research at the University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada.  From there, he took on progressively more responsibility and led research teams within the biotechnology industry.  He worked at Corixa, Seattle WA, Oakwood Laboratories, Oakwood Village Ohio, Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co., West Point Pennsylvania, and VBI a vaccine research and development company in Cambridge Massachusetts.  In his final role as vice president of formulation research and development at VBI, Dr. Kirchmeier had the opportunity to develop a variety of vaccines, and he continues to be an expert in the use of viral spike proteins in vaccine development.

Before working in the biotechnology industry, he taught undergrad and grad students in the fields of chemistry, biology, and pharmacology.