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Looking for online courses?  this list contains all Lacey campus courses being offered online this fall. This list does not contain information on available seats, please search Self-Service for availability.

Please note: You will not be able to register until you have completed three financial consent forms in Self-Service. Please log into Self-Service and follow the instructions in the document below before attempting to register: Instructions for reading and acknowledging consent forms

Below are resources to help you find and register for classes through Self-Service.

Learn how to search for courses in Self-Service

Searching for Courses in Self-Service

Learn how to register for classes

How to Register for Classes

Advising resources

  • Saints Care

    What is Saints Care?

    Saints Care of Saint Martin’s is a student support network bringing together campus partners—faculty, staff, families and students—to foster the success of each student in their navigation of campus life. Our team listens with the ear of the heart, responding to each student’s unique needs with compassion and respect.

    Saints Care embodies the value of community living by facilitating a holistic approach to proactively address the academic, social-emotional, and cultural needs of all students.

    Saints Care fulfills its mission by:

    • Establishing a single contact point (Saints Care) for campus community members to submit a report regarding a student.
    • Creating opportunities out of challenges.
    • Empowering students to support their peers.
    • Working hand in hand to equip our community to help students achieve success.

    Learn more about Saints Care

  • Office of the Registrar

    The Office of the Registrar has many roles at the University. Students can access the academic calendar, annual schedules, online catalog, course descriptions, general education requirements and important forms related to academic policies and procedures (including add/drop forms, change of major forms, etc.).

University core requirements

  • Financial aid

    The Office of Student Financial Services has qualified staff who can answer your questions about your financial aid award. They can help you better understand financial aid policies as they relate to your enrollment at Saint Martin's. For example, did you know dropping a class can have financial aid consequences?

Welcome to pre-major and first year advising at Saint Martin's!

Pre-major advising

Students are invited to meet with the Advisor of Studies for Pre majors to explore the majors offered at Saint Martin's University. We want you to learn about what you can do with your major to find the best fit for where you want to go and who you want to become. Whether you are an exploratory student or thinking of changing your major, we're happy to meet with you.

First year advising

There is so much to learn when you arre a first year student. We are available to all first year students who have questions about educational planning, navigating the college system and finding on campus resources. We offer guidance and support so that you can have a successful academic experience at Saint Martin's.

Majors and minors

  • There are 26 majors and 33 minors to choose from at Saint Martin's in the arts and science, business, engineering and education. Check out the list of academic majors and minors offered at Saint Martin's University.
  • Learn about the majors and minors in the Saint Martin's University catalog to further explore the majors and minors that interest you.

Career Center

The Career Center at Saint Martin's offers online resources for you to further assess your strengths, interests, and values. Building your self-awareness is an important step in choosing a major, which will lead you to a meaningful career path.