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World language online placement testing

If you are interested in studying a language that you have never studied before, you should begin at Elementary level 1 (e.g. Chinese 101, Spanish 101, etc.). Any student may register for a 101 World language course.

If you are interested in furthering your proficiency in a language you have already studied, you need to take a placement test to identify the level that is best for you to take.

Placement examination

The Department of World Languages offers online placement tests in Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Our language placement test is an online assessment that you will take on your own during the testing window. Before you take the test, please familiarize yourself with the PLACE Getting Started Guide and other documentation, available at: avantassessment.com/place

Note: This is not a test that you can study for because it is a general assessment of your language proficiency. Our goal is to be able to place you into the course that best suits your language learning needs. Because second language proficiency changes over time, you should take this test just before you register to take a language course so that your placement information will be as accurate as possible.

Register and take the test!

You will need to register using a PLACE Student Login and the password appropriate to the language you are testing. Each login signifies to the testing agency which university to send the results and which language to test.

Step 1. Request your PLACE Student Login »  (Be sure to have your Saint Martin's Student ID ready to complete this request form.)

Step 2. Take the test, using your assigned PLACE Student Login »

Note: Testing instructions are located under the Technical Requirements tab of the registration home page.

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