Fr. Kilian Malvey, O.S.B.

Photo of Fr. Kilian Malvey

Interim Co-President

Areas of Expertise

  • English
  • Religious Studies


D.Min., University of California, Berkeley
M.A., Marquette University
M.T.S., Boston Theological Institute
B.A., Saint Martin's College
B.A., Heythrop College, University of London


Fr. Kilian will serve as Interim Co-President of Saint Martin's University until the new president is selected from a national search. He is a member of St. Martin’s Abbey, professor of English, Theology and Religious Studies at Saint Martin’s University, former director of the University’s Spiritual Life Institute, and current Vice President of Mission Integrity.

Originally from Manhattan, New York, Fr. Kilian came to Saint Martin's in 1953 as a boarding student in the Saint Martin’s High School. His parents were strong believers not only in the importance of a college education for their children, but also a Catholic education based in the liberal arts tradition that cultivated independent thinking that frees one from narrowmindedness and gullibility, an education that turns one toward the needs of others.  For Fr. Kilian, Saint Martin's is a family affair: two brothers and two nieces have graduated from Saint Martin's University and three cousins from Saint Martin's High School. Fr. Kilian graduated from Saint Martin's University (then Saint Martin’s College) in 1964 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and continued his studies through the years in Wisconsin, Canada, England, Berkeley and at the Weston Theological University in Boston.

Accomplishments: Professionally, Fr. Kilian has held several leadership positions at Saint Martin’s including University registrar, dean of men, dean of students, director of residence, director of Campus Ministry, chair of the English department and chair of Religious Studies, and as of this past year, Vice President of Mission Integrity. Fr. Kilian has also served as a member of the Personnel Board for the Catholic Arch Diocese of Seattle and the President's Council; and is a member of the Society of Fellows and the MLA. Most recently, Fr. Kilian was appointed to the Saint Martin's University Board of Trustees and, now, serves as the Acting University President.