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The Office of the Provost oversees all academic programs and academic co-curricular activities; coordinates academic projects and events; recommends faculty sabbaticals, leaves, and advancement; supports faculty development; plans the academic budget; and works with deans, directors, and other University offices to ensure that academic excellence defines the teaching experience of faculty and the learning experience of students at Saint Martin’s University.

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Welcome to Saint Martin's University

Saint Martin's is imbued by the spirit of the Benedictine monks, who established the university in 1895 and who continue to nurture and sustain our community. You will notice that the serenity of the Abbey can be felt throughout our beautiful campus and that your dorm rooms and spaces are made for contemplation, camaraderie, and conversations.

Your faculty and staff, learners like you who also continue to grow and develop, will help you reach your highest potential and achieve success. At Saint Martin’s, you will be known individually to your faculty and staff, and the friendships you form with your peers and mentors will last a lifetime. Your learning and growth will occur not only in the classroom, but through your involvement in co-curricular activities, service opportunities, athletic and intramural sports, residential life, travel opportunities that may take you abroad or to another part of our country, and of course, through your interaction with your peers who have joined you from near and far. Be sure to make use of these many opportunities and to connect with your faculty and staff mentors and teachers.


Kate Boyle, Ph.D.

Graduate Assistant Positions

Saint Martin’s University Graduate students (in any graduate program) have the opportunity to apply for Graduate Assistantships within different departments/colleges at the University.  Opportunities currently exist for GAs in the fall and spring semesters, working 10 hours a week for the 16-week semesters to put in a total of 160 hours per semester. Saint Martin’s has a limited number of assistantships available.

Expectations/compensation: Each position will have assigned duties that are part of your Graduate Assistantship along with a stipend of $600, that will be paid at the end of the semester in one lump sum, and three credits covered by the Provost office (currently this is a total compensation of $4560/semester). 

Students in most programs must be enrolled in a minimum of six graduate credits to qualify to be a Graduate Assistant.

Process: Please fill out the application to apply found in the link below. Once positions are identified, your application and resume will be forwarded to the departments offering GA positions. Each student applies for a position and the department will select based on knowledge, skills and abilities that fit the needs of the position. Positions are filled on a first-come basis. Every academic year you will need to reapply unless the department you are working for reinstates you, if reinstated the department needs to notify the Provost office of that decision. The Provost office only holds onto applications for one academic year.

If you have questions please reach out to the Office of the Provost at or at 360-438-4310.

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