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Congratulations on your admission! You studied hard, worked hard and dreamed of this day. Now here you are. You're ready to be a Saint!

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First-year and transfer undergraduate students

New students at the annual Sand in the City volunteer event in downtown Olympia

The following steps apply to first-year students or transfer undergraduate students, domestic and international students.

  • Step four: How are you paying for school?

    Whether you are going to use scholarships, financial aid, military benefits, or any combination of these forms of payment, here are the resources/forms you may need:

    • Check your financial aid award on the Student Aid Portal. You will need your student ID number (contact us if you need it) and then create your own PIN# to log in. 
    • Not planning to do a financial aid application? Submit your FAFSA waiver form.
    • Using military benefits? Submit your VA paperwork to the Office of the Registrar at

    To fully understand your financial aid award and ask about any additional available scholarships, sign up for a financial aid talk with your admission counselor

  • Step five: Receive your Saint Martin's email account

    After submitting your deposit(s), please allow at least one week to receive your official Saint Martin's email account (e.g., from our ITS Help Desk labeled “Saint Martin’s network email account”. Check your Junk Mail too as the email sometimes gets sidetracked there.

    Once you have received your email account, log in and change your password as all official University notifications will be sent to this email. If you have not received an email address after two weeks, please contact your admission counselor or the ITS Help Desk at

  • Step seven: Complete course placement exams

    Most students are required to complete placement exams to determine accurate starting class levels in English, math and world languages. There is no charge for placements. For exceptions to those needing to take a placement (prior college credit, AP exam scores, etc.) please see the below exceptions:

    Placement test exceptions

    Students who do not meet the exceptions need to complete all placements prior to orientation.

    • English - once you have paid your deposit, you will receive an email from Accuplacer with instructions to complete the English placement online. 
    • Math - available online (Important: The math placement exam may take up to three hours to complete and cannot be paused and restarted. Please allow yourself adequate time to complete the test.)
    • World languages - available online.
  • Step nine: Complete sexual assault/alcohol awareness training online education course

    All new undergraduate students- domestic, international, freshmen and transfer- must take the Sexual Assault/Alcohol Training online education course. You will log in with your name and student ID number from the link that is sent to your SMU email address from the Dean of Students. This will be sent to students in the summer of 2020.

    If you have questions, please contact the Office of Campus Life at 360-438-4577.

  • Step ten: Submit your final documents

    To complete enrollment, submit your final documents, which include:

    • Final official transcripts from current high school, community college, or university
    • All AP test reports and IB transcripts
    • If you are a homeschool student, please include date of graduation on transcripts
    • If you will be participating in NCAA Division II athletics, please register with NCAA Eligibility Center
    • Paperwork for those using military benefits; certificate of eligibility, Vocational Rehabilitation counselor approval, etc. 

    Please submit all materials to the Saint Martin's Office of Admissions or to your admission counselor.

Nursing students

In addition to the undergraduate requirements, please submit completed nursing paperwork by email, fax or mail.

Download admitted nursing student packet
Fax: 360-486-8404
5000 Abbey Way SE
Burton #102
Lacey WA 98503


  • Fall start - May 1
  • Spring start - Nov. 1

Graduate students

Graduate students in Shawn Newman business class

The following final steps are for students enrolled in our graduate programs, including MAC, MBA, MCE, MED, MEM, MIT and MME. Steps for graduate students from the U.S. include applying for financial aid and registering for classes. Steps for international graduate students include applying for your visa and arranging for housing.

  • Next steps: U.S. graduate students
    • Apply for financial aid (if applicable) If you are applying for financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to include the Saint Martin's University school code: 003794 on your FAFSA. If you did not submit your social security number on your application to your graduate program, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies with your SSN as this will be required to match your FAFSA to your aid.
    • Set up your Saint Martin's University network account using the network account request form. A network account supplies you with an email address, access to the Saint Martin's University networks and will allow you to register for classes.
    • Make an advising appointment with your advisor. The name of your advisor is on your admissions letter.
    • Register for classes using Self-Service. JBLM and extension campus students: find detailed course schedule and room information. Have questions about registration? Call our office, or use the Self-Service User Guide.
    • Buy your books. For required and recommended books:
    • Currently, orientation is held for fall and spring only. However, all students are welcome to attend, including continuing students.
    • Obtain your student ID card. All graduate students must obtain a student ID card no later than the first day of classes. Bring photo ID and proof of registration (a print out of your schedule or payment will work) to the Office of Public Safety, located in Old Main, room 215 (open 24 hours).
    • Obtain your parking pass from the Office of Public Safety. You will need to provide proof of current insurance and registration in order to be issued a parking pass. Parking on campus is free, but you will be ticketed for parking without a permit or in the incorrect lot.
    • Submit the required proof of immunization forms. If this is not submitted, a hold will be put on your registration. Active duty military AND students at the JBLM campus are exempt from this requirement.
    • Submit your proof of military / VA status (if applicable). Proof of active duty, family member, National Guard/reservists, spouses, disabled veterans (not VocRehab) status must be provided to any of the extension campus offices or to the Student Financial Services Center on the main Lacey campus. If no proof has been provided, you will be entered as a "civilian". Because there may be a difference in tuition cost, please provide this proof as soon as possible so that we can adjust your rate accordingly. Additional military resources are available for review.
    • Apply for the insurance billing waiver (if applicable). This can be done online after you register for classes.
    • Sign up for a payment plan (if desired).
    • Submit your final transcripts / proof of degree (if applicable). If you were admitted on the condition that you submit your final transcripts and proof of degree, you will not be able to register until they are received by the Office of Graduate Studies.
    • If you plan on living on campus, submit your online housing form and housing deposit. Most graduate students prefer to live in Baran Hall or Spangler Hall. Do this early, as housing tends to fill up, especially the apartment-style rooms.
  • Next steps: international graduate students

    How to contact us: call +1 360-412-6142

    Step 1: Take care of your visa

    Do this NOW and don’t wait!

    Learn more about U.S. visas »

    1. Pay the I-901 fee. This is also called the “SEVIS fee.” You must pay before you can schedule your Visa appointment with the U.S. Embassy. It is easiest to do this online if possible, with a credit card or debit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.
      1. Have your I-20 available. You will need it to fill out the form. Make sure you are able to print from your computer, as you will need to print your receipt.
      2. Go to: and follow the prompts. Study in the states has a video about how to pay the fee:
      3. Once you finish paying, a payment confirmation will be displayed, which is a I-797C form. Print this for your records.
      4. You can check on your payment, or reprint your confirmation by visiting:
    2. Once you have paid your I-901 fee and you have your I-797C proof of payment, make your visa appointment. Have your I-20 and I-797C ready.
      1. To schedule your appointment, visit the U.S. Embassy website, and choose the embassy where you plan to have your interview:
      2. Once you are at the embassy website, choose “Visa” from the drop-down menu, and select the option “Apply for a non-immigrant Visa.” Here you will find the instructions for scheduling an appointment. Remember, you are applying for a “non-immigrant” F-1 visa.
    3. Prepare for your interview.
      1. Carefully read NAFSA’s 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Nonimmigrant Visa.
      2. Be sure to bring your passport, I-20, I-797C, proof of financial support, admission letter, transcripts, and any additional information listed on the embassy website or your appointment confirmation.
      3. If your visa is denied, you can re-apply for a visa by re-paying the I-901 fee and applying for another interview. For detailed information about denials and reapplying. Please note: the Office of Graduate Studies will only issue one additional I-20 if you postpone your attendance due to a visa denial.
    STEP 2: Prepare to arrive in the USA and at Saint Martin's University
    1. Schedule your flight to arrive before orientation day. The nearest airport to Saint Martin's University is SEA-TAC airport (SEA). Please note that if you arrive before the designated airport pick-up day, you will be required to arrange for your own transportation from the airport. To book your own transportation, we suggest you use the Capitol Aeroporter:
    2. Contact the OIPD and Graduate Studies office prior to your arrival. ALL students MUST report their arrival information. If you do not, we will not be prepared for your arrival, and we may not be able to assist you.
    3. Arrange for housing. You have a choice of living on-campus or off-campus. We strongly recommend that new international students choose to live on campus for their first year. This provides the opportunity to adjust to life in the USA, meet friends, and research locations to live off-campus.
      1. If you choose to live on-campus: submit your online housing form and housing deposit. Most graduate students prefer to live in Baran Hall or Spangler Hall. Do this early, as housing tends to fill up, especially the apartment-style rooms.
      2. If you choose to live off-campus, there are several apartment complexes nearby. You will have to work with them to pass a credit check. Most will require that you sign a lease for 6 and up to 12 months. You must arrange housing BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Most apartments will be unfurnished. Unless you have friends or family in the area, it will be very difficult for you to get the items that you need to set up an apartment on your own.
      3. Set up your Saint Martin's University network account. This will allow for you to register for classes.
      4. Email your advisor. Your advisor’s name and email address are on your admission letter. Introduce yourself and ask which classes they recommend.
      5. Register for orientation.
      6. Register for classes online using self-service.
      7. Get the required TWO MMR vaccinations (or proof you have already received them), and TB test and have your health care provider sign the two forms below. These should be sent before you arrive. We can accept scanned documents.
        1. TB required form
        2. Proof of immunization form
      8. Schedule an appointment with a dentist, and get any procedures you need done in your home country. Dental work is very, very expensive in the USA, and your insurance will not cover dentist visits.
      9. Think about how you will get around. Public transportation in the USA is not as well-developed as many other countries. There is a good bus system in Olympia / Lacey, and the campus is near a bus depot, but living too far away from the campus is not recommended. Many students find that purchasing a car and/or a bicycle is a worthwhile investment.
      10. Have a plan for how you will pay your bill. Payment plans and other options are available. Remember, international students CANNOT WORK OFF-CAMPUS, and on-campus employment opportunities are very limited.
      11. Prepare for your flight. Make sure to bring your passport, I-20, I-707C, admission letter, airport pick-up information and print out of your class schedule.
      12. Ship any items you may need we can hold items for you until you arrive. The address is: Graduate Studies, 5000 Abbey Way, Lacey, WA 98503, USA.
      13. Arrive in Lacey! Remember, you cannot move in any earlier than the first day that the residence halls open. Again, you must let us know when you plan to arrive. We have limited staff, and we must plan ahead in order to assist you to the level we would like.
      14. Once you are here, stop by the Office of International Programs. Their office would like to meet you and welcome you to campus.

Not attending Saint Martin's?

If you are no longer wanting to attend Saint Martin's, please visit your student portal to decline your admission; or, send an email to indicating your wish to cancel your acceptance. Please also include where you will be attending or what your future plans may be.

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