At Saint Martin's, students learn “to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others.” There are numerous opportunities to engage in service programs and initiatives across the campus community. Our service programs and initiatives summon in students an ethical call to personal and social transformation, to engage in authentic relationships with others to address the needs of our shared humanity.


Community service

From weekly Community Kitchen to the first-year orientation service project at Sand in the City, the importance of community service is instilled in Saint Martin's students from day one. 

Off campus engagement

Academic service-learning

Spanning the curriculum, our academic service-learning experiences interweave experiential learning within the classroom with engagement with off-campus communities. These programs enhance interpersonal and critical thinking skills and encourage students to connect academic learning with real-world problems and solutions.

Amy Pollard with Tanzanian children

Immersion and volunteer opportunities

Service programs situate students in direct contact with local, regional and international communities, where they address real needs and promote social change.  Whether participating in service immersion programs or volunteer and community service projects, students become engaged citizens within their chosen vocations.  

Tell them about us

Amy Pollard visits St. Agnes Primary School

Tell them about us

"When I think about Father Zeno’s words, I become overwhelmed. I could tell you a story exclusively about poverty and suffering. Or I could tell you a different story."

Amy Pollard English Class of 2016

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