Want to join a club that addresses a special interest or initiative, like diversity, interfaith or service? Or looking for an organization that will focus on your academic area or intended profession? Saint Martin's has several student opportunities. Don't see a club here that matches your interest? You can start one!

American Public Works Association (APWA)

Club Contact: David Stride (david.stride@stmartin.edu)
President: David Stride
Vice President: Jillian Leonard
Advisor: Jae Chung

The American Public Works Association (APWA) serves those in all aspects of public works. APWA also prides itself on the ability to provide opportunities that help the public works personnel grow in their profession and improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

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American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Club Contact: smuasce@stmartin.edu
President: Jillian Leonard
Vice President: Logan Sousa
Secretary: Alex Garate
Treasurer: Sarah Tano
Advisor: Jill Walsh

Established in 1965, SMU ASCE has helped members build upon professional and civil engineering skills outside the classroom and build ties with the ASCE Olympia-Tacoma Professional Chapter to help students transition from student to engineering professional. We participate in the yearly Pacific Northwest Student Conference which focuses on project management, application of classroom concepts, and team collaboration through different competitions including concrete canoe, technical paper, and the environmental competition. There are no fee requirements from student members; the only perquisite is being a committed and enthusiastic student.

Social media
Instagram: @smuasce

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Club Contact: Megan Taylor (megan.taylor@stmartin.edu
President: Megan Taylor
Vice President: Jamie Johnson
Treasurer: Ifran Ahmed
Advisor: Rico Picone

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a club for anyone who is interested in learning about engineering and gaining valuable job skills and professional connections. We take field trips to nearby companies who employ mechanical engineers, host guest speakers, and work on design projects. We are excited to meet the next generation of engineers and hear your great ideas!

Social media
Instagram: @smuasme

Archery Club (SMAC)

Club Contact: Alexander Tilton (alexander.tilton@stmartin.edu)
President: Alexander Tilton
Advisor: David Crawford 

The Saint Martin's Archery Club (SMAC) is an organization dedicated to recreational archery. With the help of our instructor, Joe Byrd, and experienced members, SMAC seeks to educate students in the art while also providing a space to relax and improve their skills. All skill levels are welcome! Currently, SMAC focuses on practice sessions with Olympic Recurve bows.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

Club Contact: Kristal Lim (kristal.lim@stmartin.edu)
President: Kristal Lim
Vice President: Soukita Keopanapay
Secretary: Tina Ngo
Treasurer: Reine Albite
Advisor: Tam Dinh 

Our mission is to create a safe space for students to talk about what it’s like to be Asian in America. This includes speaking about issues this specific community faces in this country, and brainstorm solution to those problems in order to empower people who identity as Asian or Asian-American.

Social media
Instagram: @smu_asa_club

Associated Students of Saint Martin's University (ASSMU)

ASSMU is the University's officially elected student government. As the student voice to the University administration, ASSMU represents the needs of the student population to the faculty, staff, alumni, board of trustees, and monastic community. Collectively, ASSMU offers and encourages student opportunities for leadership, organizational training and service through active participation in student government. ASSMU meetings are held every Thursday at 11 a.m. in the TUB during the academic year.

Beekeeping Club

Club Contact: Carly James (carly.james@stmartin.edu
President: Carly James
Advisor: Teri Woo

Our mission is to foster stewardship of the environment by learning about and preserving pollinators, providing students hands-on experience of keeping honeybees, and to develop the next generation of young beekeepers.

Biology Club

Club Contact: Katelyn Mock (katelyn.mock@stmartin.edu
President: Katelyn Mock
Vice President: Lei Vivao
Treasurer: Megan Tosh
Secretary: Alyssa Smith
Advisor: Megan Friesen

The Biology Club creates opportunities for students interested in biology to become acquainted, to bring awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of modern biologists, to help expose others to biological sciences, and to have fun. In the past, the biology club has held student parties for finals, participated in Boys and Girls Workshops. It has also hosted fun activities such as Halloween Pumpkin DNA Extractions and selling Biology Club T-Shirts to its members. In the future, we hope to hold events to go hiking, watch movies, and participate in biology related service activities

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Black Student Union (BSU)

Club Contact: Maxwell Turner (maxwell.turner@stmartin.edu
President: Maxwell Turner
Vice President: Nicole Porter
Secretary: Asma Ibrahim
Treasurer: Quinci Flowers
Advisor: Janie Sacco 

The Black Students Union is a club that welcomes people of all backgrounds and ethnicities but remains committed to supporting Black students as Saint Martin's University. As a club we strive to advocate, empower, and educate Black students on this campus and ensure that Black students feel at home at this University.

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Business Club

Club Contact: Yarabid Rodriguez (yarabid.rodriguez@stmartin.edu
President: Yarabid Rodriguez
Vice President: Sally Hutcheson-Tipton
Secretary: Devin Ziemathis
Treasurer: Alondra Barragan
Advisor: Lisa Power

The Business Club’s mission is to create a community between students that are interested in learning, exploring and experiencing the business world.

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