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Saint Martin’s University fosters a rich heritage of engaging its internal and external communities in an open, lively and respectful exchange of intellectual dialogue through the many offerings of the University’s lecture, writer and speaker series. These events, which are free to the public, offer abundant opportunities to invite people from near and far from campus to take part in vibrant, challenging discourse that expands knowledge and ignites the imagination. 

Photo of Benedictine monk speaking on podium

Benedictine Institute Lecture Series

Launched in 2013, The Benedictine Institute Lecture Series celebrates the long-standing Benedictine tradition of education at Saint Martin’s University. Built on the Benedictine tenet of “listening with the ear of one’s heart,” this series provides a forum for the discussion of faith-related issues. The lecture series is organized by the Benedictine Institute, which seeks to contribute to the intellectual and spiritual development of the Saint Martin’s community by leading the University in upholding and promoting its Benedictine heritage and sharing those values with others. 

Photo of Les Bailey Writers Series logo

Les Bailey Writers Series

Presented by the Saint Martin’s Literary Studies Program, the Les Bailey Writers Series brings writers and authors of note to campus to read and discuss their books. It was named in honor of Leslie G. Bailey, Ph.D. a gifted and inspiring English professor at Saint Martin’s who was beloved for sharing his great passion for the written word with students. Bailey taught at Saint Martin’s from 1975 until his death in 2010. 

Photo of Harvie Lecture Series logo

Robert A. Harvie Social Justice Lecture Series

Saint Martin’s University Professor of Criminal Justice Robert Hauhart, Ph.D., J.D., professor of criminal justice, created this lecture series to raise awareness of social justice issues within the community. The Harvie lecture series honors the work of Robert A. Harvie, J.D., former professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Saint Martin’s. The Harvie lecture series is now in its 10th year. Learn more about the upcoming lecture!

Photo of business lecture series attendees

School of Business Leadership Lecture Series

The School of Business Leadership Lecture Series gives respected leaders from many walks of life the opportunity to share their reflections on the challenges of leadership within their respective careers. Launched in 2013, the series has welcomed guest speakers from the public sector, as well as such fields as academia, the military, government and politics.

Photo of students in PNW social justice lecture

Pacific Northwest Social Action Speaker Series

The Saint Martin's University Departments of History and Political Science established the Pacific Northwest Social Action Speaker Series in 2013 to raise awareness of the region's deep history of social justice movements. It celebrates people and movements committed to furthering social justice in all its forms in the Pacific Northwest. The speaker series draws on the interests of Saint Martin’s faculty, students and the wider community in regards to the history of the Pacific Northwest and in social movements for workplace democracy, environmental justice, and civil rights and liberties.

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