The Office of International Programs and Development is the home to international admissions. We strive to make your transition to Saint Martin’s University as easy as possible. Remember, our office is always available for whatever assistance you may need.

Everything you need to know

Airport pickup upon your arrival into the US

International student orientation program explaining immigration compliance information and the need for medical insurance during your time at Saint Martin's

Introduction to other offices on campus (residence life for housing, campus life for activities) and staff and faculty members that will ensure you are welcomed as a new Saint!

Our staff has fun events through the year to help international students explore American culture and share their culture with the Saint Martin's University community.

At Saint Martin's, you will not only spend time in class but outside of it, too. You can work with the community, lead a club or a program, and find new interests! What do you love to do?

Is it student government, academic or cultural clubsvarsity or intramural sports, or all of the above? At Saint Martin's, you can do it all! We also encourage community service to those outside of the Saint Martin’s community. Enjoy all that South Puget Sound and the greater Pacific Northwest has to offer, with hiking, skiing, and so much more!

Ready to apply? Learn more at Welcome Weekend!  Check out our Saint Martin's University Facebook page and talk to students with Twitter!

International students are required to have a certain level of English ability before they are allowed to take full-time graduate or undergraduate courses. For those students who do not have the required ability, see the chart below to see the common English fluency test results we accept and what score is needed for proven ability in English.

  TOEFL: Institutional based TOEFL: Internet based IELTS (Academic) TOEIC
Full admission 525 71 6.0 700
Conditional admission: Concurrent status 480-524 54-70 5.0-5.5 600-699
Conditional admission: Full time ESL 479 or lower 53 or lower 4.5 or lower 599 or lower


Conversation partners is the best opportunity to meet students from around the world and make new friends. Apply to partner up with another student from another country to share your unique cultures and enjoy your time together by participating in fun and great events.  

Value of the program:

  • Help international students practice English
  • Learn a new language
  • Make new friends
  • Be a cultural guide: share American culture with international students
  • Learn about another country and culture
  • Develop communication skills
  • Go on exciting cultural activities
  • Meet new people

Why should I volunteer?

  • Become stronger with the English language and learn more about American culture.
  • Be linked to the community.
  • Your social connections can give you meaning and purpose to your life. It can also provide you support in difficult periods.
  • Research also shows that volunteer activities offer more than just a social network to provide support and get rid of stress. It also provides you with a sense of purpose and contentment.

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