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Service and community engagement

At Saint Martin's, we strive to make a positive difference in the world through life-changing community partnerships, advocacy, and promoting respect and dignity for all. 

Saints serve with heart

There are numerous opportunities to engage in service programs and initiatives across the campus community. Our service programs and initiatives summon in you an ethical call to personal and social transformation, to engage in authentic relationships with others and address the needs of our shared humanity. Your service experience with us will transform your life and perspective.

Service & Leadership Opportunities

Service opportunities

Students engage in a variety of service opportunities involving charity, relationship and social justice. 

Ongoing service opportunities:

Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen is a year-round service opportunity where members of the Saint Martin’s community prepare, serve, and clean up dinner at the Community Kitchen in downtown Olympia on the first Friday of every month. All volunteers need to be 18 or older to join. We meet at the bottom of the Grand Staircase at Old Main by Lot S at 2:30pm and are expected to return at about 6:30pm. Transportation is provided.

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Thurston County Food Bank

Thurston County Food Bank is a service opportunity where students volunteer by organizing food on the shelves and boxes that are given to people and families who are experiencing food insecurity. The Food Bank Core Philosophies are eliminating access barriers, prioritizing health, prioritizing children, rescuing good food from going to waste, partnership and collaboration. We meet at the bottom of the Grand Staircase at Old Main by Lot S at 3:30pm and are expected to return at about 7:30pm. Transportation is provided. 

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Our Common Home Farms

Our Common Home Farms works to care for our common home in three ways: to provide nutrient-dense, locally grown, and ethically produced food within our community, especially for those in most need; to educate on sustainable agricultural practices, the relationship between good food and good health, and the responsibilities inherent within the communion of each individual with the human family and the natural world; and to build climate change resilience in the areas of food production, the creation of habitat, and the mitigation of climate change processes. We meet at the bottom of the Grand Staircase at Old Main by Lot S at 9am and are expected to return at about 12pm. Transportation is provided. 

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Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Student Ambassadors

Faith in action will see results. This leadership program empowers Catholic students (and is open to students of all beliefs) from more than 100 universities across the country to advocate for justice within Catholic Social Teaching by mobilizing our campus communities. Stay in touch with our CRS Student Ambassadors on Facebook and Instagram.

Four main themes:

  • Climate change
  • Global hunger
  • Human trafficking
  • Migration

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Discover your way to serve

Immersion opportunities

Service programs situate students in direct contact with local, regional and international communities where they address real needs and promote social change. Whether participating in service immersion programs or volunteer and community service projects, students become engaged citizens within their chosen vocations.

Academic service-learning

Spanning the curriculum, our academic service-learning experiences interweave experiential learning within the classroom with engagement with off-campus communities. These programs enhance interpersonal and critical thinking skills and encourage students to connect academic learning with real-world problems and solutions.

Post-grad service

Service can continue after college! Saints can listen with the ear of their heart to learn new skills, live in a new community, embody the B-Vals and act on social justice. Here a few websites you can explore:

  • Norcia Leadership Community 24-hour immersion trip
  • Act Six
  • Alternative Spring Break

Meet with the Center for Career and Calling to get support while you discern your vocation. If you have any questions or would like help seeking out service opportunities, please email Emily Alberts at

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Office of Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry at Saint Martin’s University accompanies and supports you as you explore and grow spiritually through experiences that are rooted in our core values of faith, reason, service and community. Together with our monastic community, student affairs and academic partners, community-based volunteer and immersion service opportunities, we are dedicated to hospitality for all without exception, as we promote and share the many gifts flowing from our Benedictine charism and Catholic faith.