The Counseling and Wellness Center promotes and enhances the health and development of Saint Martin’s University students through professional mental health services, education and training. Integrating faith, reason and service, we empower students to develop self-awareness, knowledge and the skills necessary to make healthy choices and build relationships in a multicultural world. We also provide consultative services and training for staff and faculty to foster an environment supportive of student development and wellness.

In need of emergency mental health or medical care?

Please call 911, or go directly to the nearest emergency room.

If you are on campus, Providence St. Peter Hospital is the closest location.

Additional emergency resources

Saint Martin's Counseling and Wellness Services' response to COVID 19:


  • CWC will resume three-day a week services (Tuesday, Thursday, half day Friday mornings only) starting July 7
  • CWC will resume five-dday a week services by July 13 (Monday through Thursday, and half day Friday mornings only)
  • CWC will start taking in new telehealth clients by July 7
  • Please contact us at CounselingCWC@stmartin.edu for service requests starting July 7. Messages are checked and returned Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings 


  • CWC plans to resume full services

If you need assistance that cannot wait until the CWC reopens, contact the 24 hour Saint Martin's Office of Public Safety at 360-438-4555, and they will be more than happy to assist in connecting you to campus resources and appropriate support.

Important: If you have returned home to an out of state location, CWC counselors may not be able to provide counseling due to the need to be licensed in the state they practice. If so, your counselor or one of the staff will assist you in locating counseling services in your area.

If you are in need of mental health resources and assistance, call 360-586-2800; you may also contact the Crisis Resolution Center 360-754-1338 available 24/7 for mental health crisis services.

Other 24/7 free mental health crisis resources and support

Medical concerns?

Please check with your primary care physician and consult if you need to proceed to your urgent care or nearest emergency room. In an emergency, please call 911.

E-therapy insurance coverage:

  • If you have current health insurance through Saint Martin's, your United Healthcare (UHC) policy covers 24/7 e-therapy through www.betterhelp.com.
  • If you have private insurance, you can check to see if e-therapy is available through your plan.

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Our counseling and wellness services are committed to assisting students in their academic and personal development. To the Saint Martin's community, our staff of professional counselors provide free and confidential counseling, consultation and referral.

Services we provide