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Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Program is an interdisciplinary field of study composed of law courses from: the departments of criminal justice, political science, history and sociology; and the schools of business, education, and engineering.

Why Saint Martin's University?

Saint Martin's offers a minor in legal studies as a complement to such degree programs as criminal justice, political science and psychology. As part of the minor, students interested in law school will benefit from counseling and guidance from a pre-law advisor.

The rigor of the Legal Studies Program at Saint Martin’s provides students with an experience comparable to the first year of law school. Participants investigate:

  • The interrelationship of law and society
  • The protection of civil liberties
  • The constitutional rules that govern criminal law
  • The regulations and legal principles that operate in the business context
  • Modern laws that protect the environment

Research and internships

Legal studies participants may:

  • Intern in public or private law offices
  • Pursue independent study on legal topics of interest
  • Elect to write a senior capstone on legal issues through a related major in criminal justice, sociology, social work, psychology, history, or political science.

Legal Studies Requirements

Required courses (9 credit hours)

  • LS 101: The Legal Environment and Ethics
  • CJ/PLS 430: Constitutional Safeguards and Individual Liberties
  • CJ 304: Law and Evidence

Elective courses (12 credit hours) 

Must select 12 credit hours from the following:

  • HIS/PLS 378: American Constitutional Development
  • BUS 225: Business Law I
  • BUS 226: Business Law II
  • CJ/PLS 420: Philosophy of Law
  • CJ/PLS 379: Judicial Process
  • CJ/SOC 410: Law and Society
  • CJ 460: Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure
  • ED 371: Educational Law
  • SED 467: Legal Issues and IFSP/IEP
  • GE 359: Ethics, Law, & Economics in Engineering Practice
  • LS 395: Special Topics in Legal Studies
  • LS 397: Directed Readings in Legal Studies

Legal Studies at a Glance

Program Type
Main (Lacey)
Type of Instruction
In Person
College of Arts and Sciences
What can I do with this major?
Transformative Outcomes Icon Transformative Outcomes Transformative Outcomes Icon

Transformative outcomes

Career paths

  • Legal clinics
  • Law firms
  • Non-profit and public interest organizations
  • State agencies
Supportive Community Icon Supportive Community Supportive Community Icon

Supportive community


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