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Saint Martin's University is a uniquely diverse campus. The diversity committee, a group of faculty, staff, and students, works to make Saint Martin's a welcoming community for all identities. The resources on this page will guide you through the different initiatives and resources on diversity topics that exist for the Saint Martin's community.

Resources for students

The Office of Student Affairs issues a survey to all students to gauge campus climate that will identify areas for improvement in academic programs, co-curricular programs and facilities.  Topics alternate from year to year, from

Climate survey on diversity

The climate survey focuses on diversity and is sent to all students at the Saint Martin's University Lacey campus. The survey focused on issues of race, LGBTQ, sense of community at Saint Martin's University, and amount of resources provided to students.

Climate survey on sexual assault

The climate survey that focuses on sexual violence is sent to all students at the Saint Martin's University Lacey campus. This survey covers issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, gender equity, and community issues. 

Many services and accommodations are available at Saint Martin's University to ensure students with disabilities are provided the opportunity to participate fully in academic and student life. The staff works closely with students and faculty to provide the following services:

Common accommodations:

  • Classroom assistance: ergonomic chairs and other furniture, voice recorders.
  • Testing accommodations: extended time and reduced distraction are available in the Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising Center.
  • Tests must be scheduled in advance by the student.Accessible text and audio books are available.
  • Assistive technology: Zoomtext and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Zoomtext is available on two computers in the LWC. Dragon is available in the LWC as well as in study rooms two through five on the main level of the O'Grady Library. Please visit the reference desk in the library to book the main floor study rooms.
  • Note-taking assistance: note takers are available for students who are eligible to receive this accommodation. Please e-mail the note taker coordinator at for more information.
  • Document conversion: audiotape, large print.


  • Campus accessibility
  • Responding to inquiries regarding admission and meeting with the prospective students and their parent
  • Counseling students about special resources available to students with disabilities
  • Coordinating services to provide reasonable plans of accommodation
  • Serving as a liaison with local and state agencies
  • Assisting students with advocating their needs to staff and faculty
  • Enrollment assistance
  • Assistance with registration or housing needs
  • Advocacy building and links to community resources

Saint Martin's University provides a supportive environment for encouraging all students to take responsibility for their learning needs. Learning self-advocacy in college is good practice for the future when students enter the workplace.

Recognizing the valuable contributions of student organizations on campus, the Multicultural Club Alliance serves as an umbrella program for student clubs that focus on race/ethnicity, international students, social justice and community service. Representatives from each club are selected to serve on the MCA Committee, where members meet to discuss campus issues and share program ideas, as well as interact with faculty and staff through the year to address critical issues currently facing students.

The clubs under the alliance include:

  • Arab Student Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Kapuso Club
  • Hui 'O Hawai'i
  • International Club
  • Latinx Student Alliance
  • SMUGSA Club
  • Pacific Islanders Club

Saint Martin’s University is an approved institution for the education and  training of veterans. Saint Martin's is also a Yellow Ribbon school and does not cap how many students can participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. In 2010 SMU was designated a military friendly school and has continued to be recognized every year for our service to the military community.

The veteran's representative is located in the Registrar’s Office, room 245, and is available to answer any question you may have regarding the process of applying, understanding your benefits, and certification.

Students admitted to the University and are eligible to receive VA benefits, they must contact the veteran’s representative and submit the necessary paperwork for certification. The student must turn in the SMU Request for Certification Form each term or semester to insure continuous receipt of benefits.

Veterans representative:

The VA Rep is not an academic advisor, however academic decisions may impact your educational benefits, so we’ll help you with this decision making process. Prior to registration you will need to meet with your advisor to make sure you are registering for the proper classes, meeting degree requirements and making progress towards graduation.

The veteran’s representative is not an employee of the Department of Veterans Administration (VA). The university cannot override VA policies or determine VA Eligibility, nor does the university control the issuance of VA educational benefits. If you have direct questions regarding the processing of your paperwork through the regional office please contact 1-888-442-4551.

To contact the Saint Martin's VA Representative please call 360-438-4356 or email

Shared resources

Saint Martin's University offers a Bias Impact Response Team in order to help live out and practice community.

The mission of the Diversity and Equity Team of Saint Martin's University is to support students from diverse backgrounds throughout their educational path at SMU. This advisory group, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, recommends actions/initiatives to create awareness and advocacy around issues that students from marginalized groups face in order to help develop a network of support to foster student success.

As a Catholic, Benedictine institution, Saint Martin's University recognizes diversity as a important element of community life, educating students within a diverse community of faculty, staff, and students that values cultural differences and honors the dignity of the human person. Recommendations from the Diversity and Equity Team could include: curriculum diversification, inclusive hiring practices, educational programming and training for faculty and staff, student support programs, assessments of SMU demographics and campus climate regarding diversity, and diversity resources for faculty, staff, and students.

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