Saint Martin’s University is committed to fostering an inclusive community in which every member of our institution is valued and respected. Our meaning and practice of community is rooted in our Catholic, Benedictine heritage. We treasure persons of all ages, religions, and nationalities and we encourage an appreciation and validation of all cultures. In community, we recognize our mutual inter-dependence with one another. Every student, faculty, and staff brings a sacredness and uniqueness that makes us who we are. We are our community.

In light of our identity and values as a Catholic, Benedictine university, it is imperative to our meaning and practice of community to address experiences of intended or unintended bias that result in negative impact for any member of our community. Passive and active forms of marginalization related to ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, ability, religion, Indigenous background, veteran status, age, refugee or undocumented status, or socio-economic class must be continuously addressed to ensurethat all members of our Saint Martin’s University community have access to optimal conditions for learning, working, and relating.


The Saint Martin’s University Bias Impact Response Team(BIRT). The BIRT is a group of selected members from the university community appointed by the President, the purpose of which is to monitor and address incidents of bias to help Saint Martin’s live out its meaning and practice of community. Two outcomes are important through the BIRT reporting process: (1) persons have a platform to voice their experiences of bias and share their stories to the administration and broader campus community; and (2) the university has a method of tracking incidents of bias that can help educate faculty, staff, administrators, and board members on our students’ experience of community. These outcomes of the BIRT can potentially lead to reconciliation between individuals and the institution, where personal narratives are heard and validated and the institution acknowledges these narratives and takes action. Persons who experience incidents of bias are encouraged to report the incident using the on-line Bias Reporting System. The report will be reviewed by the BIRT and a member of the team will follow-up with the complainant(s) to discuss the process, keep them informed of action taken, and direct them to appropriate campus resources. All reported incidents of bias will be taken seriously and handled with care and compassion for all involved.