Want to join a club that addresses a special interest or initiative, like diversity, interfaith or service? Or looking for an organization that will focus on your academic area or intended profession? Saint Martin's has several student opportunities. Don't see a club here that matches your interest? You can start one!

Latinx Student Alliance (LSA)

Club Contact: Cynthia Tamayo (cynthia.garciatamayo@stmartin.edu)
President: Cynthia Tamayo
Vice President: Vianeey Titla Palalia 
Secretary: Yarabid Rodriguez 
Treasurer: Jose Jurado Beltran
Communications Coordinator: Zyon Rodriguez
Advisor: Crystal Cardona and Alyssa Nastasi

The Latinx Student Alliance is a Saint Martin's University student organization that connects students to the broader Latinx community and helps explore their cultural background and roots. LatinXPression, our signature event, is an opportunity for the Latinx and Saint Martin's communities to come together to share, celebrate, and educate about the Latinx culture. 

Social media
Instagram: @smulsa

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Club Contacts:
Yuan Fernandez (yuanangelo.fernandez@stmartin.edu
Katherine Jamerson (katherine.jamerson@stmartin.edu)
President: Yuan Fernandez
Vice President: Asma Ibrahim
Secretary: Katherine Jamerson
Treasurer: Emily Tynan
Advisor: Elizabeth Grasher

The purpose of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is to bring awareness to the challenges faced by those with mental illness. The club aims to advocate and educate around the topic of mental health. SMU NAMI club also provides support for families affected by mental illness.

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National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

Club Contact: Edna Mae Felix (edna.felix@stmartin.edu)
President: Edna Mae Felix
Vice President: Allyzza Orsino
Secretary: Angelica Castro
Treasurer: Taryn Zard
National Communications Coordinator (NCC): Soukita Keopanapay
National Communications Coordinator in Training (NCCIT): Byron Blas
Programming Chair: Trixia Delos Santos
Marketing Chair: Lauren Chung
Fundraising Chair: Kaiyle Okada
Recognition Chair: Sally Hutcheson-Tipton
Food Chair: Shania Ebreo
Advisor: Sarah Haugh

NRHH provides recognition for students who have demonstrated outstanding service and exceptional leadership in promoting the residence halls and improve the residential experience by giving more opportunities for student involvement in their community. NRHH is a leadership-based honorary comprised of exemplary students who value recognition and service.

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Pacific Islanders Club

Club Contact: smupiclub@stmartin.edu
President: Jan Trinity Francisco
Vice President: Vaoleleiamanuialouolaga Tuvalu
Secretary: Amazora Taiapisi
Treasurer: Kedul Andres
Advisor: Floraliza Bornasal, Patty Lemon

The purpose of the Pacific Islanders Club is to unite the students from the Pacific Islands and provide a safe space so that they can openly express their identity. The club aims to educate and share the cultures and tradition of the Pacific Islands with the Saint Martin’s University community. The Pacific Islanders Club will serve as an affinity space with the intent that we can encourage our club members to strive for academic excellence by providing the resources to better serve their needs.

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Pre-Health Club

Club Contact: Francesco Reece (francesco.reece@stmartin.edu)
President: Francesco Reece
Vice President: Katelyn Mock
Secretary: Zachary Payton
Treasurer: Khylene Pasion Nau
Social Media Manager: Daisha-Jade Gaspar
Advisor: Robert Bode

We as a pre-health club are here to help our fellow students' careers and improve chances of getting into health programs. 

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Pre-Law Club

Club Contact: Julia Lucas (julia.lucas@stmartin.edu
President: Julia Lucas
Vice President: Madison Pleasant
Secretary: Pyra Oliveira
Treasurer: Tyler Fitchett
Advisor: Shawn Newman

The Pre-Law Club is meant for anyone who has an interest in any aspect of the law. The Pre-Law Club is not only for those studying legal studies or those planning on going to law school following graduation. One of the main goals of the club is to help every student and faculty member to better understand their rights in the legal system.

Psychology Club

Club Contact: Hannah Erwin (hannah.erwin@stmartin.edu
President: Hannah Erwin
Vice President: Hunter Kiphart
Secretary: Katherine Jamerson
Treasurer: Emily Tynan
Advisor: Jeremy Newton

Psychology Club has a place for all majors, minors, or those interested in psychology. Our club is event based and focuses on giving all students the opportunity to learn and understand what is expected as psychology majors. We hope to help build a sense of community and help connect students with faculty as well as other students! Please email the president of the club if you’d like to be placed on our email list and learn about events, extra credit opportunities, and more! 

Saint Martin's University Future Educators (SMUFE)

Club Contact: Laura Rooney (laura.rooney@stmartin.edu
President: Laura Rooney
Vice President: Faith Sabo
Secretary: Cesar Sandoval
Treasurer: Kylie Coon
Advisor: Eric Boyer 

SMUFE invites all students to join the journey of becoming a lifelong learner. While the club focuses on education and helps students prepare for the classroom; the networking opportunities for most career paths are endless as we are constantly interacting with all of the different variables that make education possible for students and educators to be successful. We believe that it takes a village to accomplish goals so we invite you to join our club today so that we can begin in accomplishing our goal of making everyone's experience a positive one. 

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Saint Martin’s Volleyball Club (SMUVC)

Club Contact: Erykah Bymers (erykah.bymers@stmartin.edu
President: Erykah Bymers
Vice President: Franchesca Ponce
Secretary: Ricki-Mya Balajadia
Treasurer: Kedul Andreas
Advisor: Britney Stugelmeyer & Sarah Haugh

Allowing a safe and encouraging environment for volleyball players of all skill levels to learn and practice the sport.

Social media
Instagram: @smu.vc

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

Club Contact: Jaqueline Freeman (jaqueline.freeman@stmartin.edu
President: Jaqueline Freeman 
Vice President: Elias Wilson
Secretary: Colton Winters 
Treasurer: Paul Wallace 
Advisor: Frank Washko

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) is the local chapter that has national affiliation with the SAME organization which is made up of multiple businesses that support DoD contracts along with Active Military components. SAME is a club which is comprised of students with majors in Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The focus of SAME is community involvement by supporting the SAME mission of America's infrastructure. Currently we are in the process of producing infrastructure and sustainability concepts to the local community.