Want to join a club that addresses a special interest or initiative, like diversity, interfaith or service? Or looking for an organization that will focus on your academic area or intended profession? Saint Martin's has several student opportunities. Don't see a club here that matches your interest? You can start one!


Club contact: Sarah Zepeda, sarah.zepeda@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Chiyo Sanada

Come learn and experience Japanese culture through a variety of events and activities! If you are enrolled in any of the Japanese language courses, this can also be a helpful resource to help you study and give connections to refine your language skills. Everyone is welcome, and we would love to have you!


Latinx Student Alliance (LSA)

Club contact: Jose Alex Gonzalez, jose.gonzalez@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Alyssa Nastasi
Social media: Instagram - @smulsa

LSA's mission is to educate Saint Martin's community about Latin American cultures through social and cultural events. We embrace and celebrate our Latino pride with everyone regardless if you're not Hispanic or Latino. Everyone is welcomed to join and recognize Latin American culture!



Club contact: Megan Gano, SMULGBTQA@gmail.com
Advisor: Keri Graham
Social media: Instagram- @smu_lgbtqa, Snapchat- @smulgbtqa, Twitter- @smulgbtqa

The LGBTQA* club strives to be an inclusive place for people of all backgrounds and orientations to come together and learn. Everyone is welcome to meet with us and expand their knowledge as well as meet amazing people in our community. Our meetings are safe spaces for people to ask questions in a non-judgmental and welcoming place. 


Math Club

Club contact: Rhen Johnston, rhen.johnston@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Joseph Mailhot


Motorsports Club

Club contact: Robert Bone, robert.bone@stmartin.edu 
Advisor: Dr. Frank Washko


National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

Club contact: Joseph Clark, colton.clark@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Corrie Walton-Macaulay

The National Society of Black Engineers is a society for promoting both success and diversity among engineering students. NSBE has opportunity for all STEM major students from: mentors, internships, scholarships, career fairs, networking and more. The mission of NSBE is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically succeed professionally and positively impact the community

Pacific Islanders Club

Club contact: Carmela Almogela, carmela.almogela@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Janie Sacco
Social media: Instagram - @smu_pacificislandersclub

The purpose of the Pacific Islanders Club is to bring together the students of the Pacific Islands, to create a family and to provide a sense of “home” away from home, and to educate and share our cultures and traditions. As well as being an educational space, the PI club hopes to serve as an affinity space - meaning that we push to not only create a safe environment but also encourage our club members to strive for academic excellence seeking help not only within the club but provide resources to better serve their needs. Pacific Islander or not, ALL ARE WELCOME.

Photography Club

Club contact: Ian White, ian.white@stmartin.edu
Social media: Instagram - @smuphotographyclub, Facebook - SMU Photography Club

SMU Photography Club is a club where photographers or aspiring photographers can gather as a community, helping one another take pictures, sharing our works, and learning about all the different aspects of photography/videography.

Physics Club

Club contact: Jonathan Ogata, jonathan.ogata@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Andrea Kunder

The Physics Club is an ensemble of students that are enthusiastic about physical sciences; our prime objective is to support our members throughout their academic endeavors; to foster collaboration between the non-scientific and scientific community; and to promote physics programs not only within campus, but within the greater Lacey/Olympia area.

Pre-Health Club

Club contact: Jessica Daniels, jessica.daniels@stmartin.edu
Advisors: Dr. Bode, Jamie Nixon