Want to join a club that addresses a special interest or initiative, like diversity, interfaith or service? Or looking for an organization that will focus on your academic area or intended profession? Saint Martin's has several student opportunities. Don't see a club here that matches your interest? You can start one!

Criminal Justice Club

Club contact: Ian Stevenson, ian.stevenson@stmartin.edu
Advisors: Teri Herold-Prayer, William Stadler
Social media: Instagram - @smu_cj_club, Facebook - SMU CJ CLUB

The Criminal Justice Club is an organization designed to encourage students interested in criminal justice to share interests and ideas thereby supplementing and enriching our overall learning environment. The club will provide students with educational and networking opportunities within the criminal justice field

Culinary Club

Club contact: Marie A. Dhanens, marie.dhanens@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Diane Bingaman
Social media: Facebook - Saint Martin’s Culinary Club

Saint Martin’s Culinary Club aims to create a community of people who enjoy cooking, to teach students to make responsible students regarding food and working in the kitchen, and to create a positive environment to provide comfort for students.

CyberSecurity Club

Club contact: Regenal Grant, cybersecurityclub@stmartin.edu 
Advisor: Mark Wright

Cybersecurity Club is a group of Saint Martin’s students who are interested network security, pursuing a career in Computer Science or Cybersecurity. There are plenty of opportunities to compete, attend conferences and or possible job interviews dealing with the Cybersecurity industry.

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Club contact: Olivia Holden, olivia.holden@stmartin.edu 
Advisor: Janie Sacco


Engineers Without Borders

Club contact: Oscar Martin-Garcia, oscar.martingarcia@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Jae Chung

The Engineers without Borders club is for students to have a chance to give back to the world through a variety of projects. The club’s goal is to allow students to talk to people in need and have a chance to use their engineering knowledge to help solve these problems. This club has applications for all fields of engineering. 


Filipino Heritage Club

Club contact: Alan-Joshua (AJ) Berbisco, alanjoshua.berbisco@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Floraliza Bornasal
Social media: Instagram - @saints_fhc

As a club apart of a Benedictine community, we call ourselves 'family', because not only do we work to prosper our program, we want to be there for our members academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a family we welcome all to learn about their cultures and help them learn more about ours in the best way we can, while being a source of 'getaway' from the everyday college lifestyle. As the years go on, we hope you consider helping our family grow, a lot of great things are ahead of us and we'd like for you all to be a part of that journey. Dates of meetings and events will be announced via Saint Martin's email and on our Instagram page!

French Club

Club contact: Angelica Heredia, angelica.heredia@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Kathleen McKain
Social media: Instagram- @smufrenchclub

The French Club seeks to discuss how French & Francophone cultures compare to one another along with how they compare to American Culture. The club discusses a variety of topics in regards to French culture such as music, politics, cuisine, sports, and much more.


Hui `O Hawai`i Club

Club contact: Myki Dee Kim, mykidee.kim@stmartin.edu
Advisors: Lauren TagaRobin Pellerin
Social media: Instagram - @smuhuiohawaii, Facebook - Saint Martin’s University Hui O Hawaii

Hui `O Hawai`i strives to share the Hawaiian culture with Saint Martin's University and the outside community.  Throughout the year we host numerous events and activities that help share our culture and bring people together both from Hawai'i and beyond. Every year, we hold our annual Lu'au, to share our culture through song, dance, food, and fellowship. 


International Club

Club contact: Chauncy Holck, chauncey.holk@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Georgia Berry, georgia.berry@stmartin.edu

We, the International Club, would like to welcome international students and domestic students alike to Saint Martin's. Our club helps domestic and international students bond and build lifelong friends. Some club activities include bonding nights, camping trips, movie nights, special holiday activities and more. Everyone is welcome to join!


Investment Club

Club contact: Robert McClymond, robert.mcclymond@stmartin.edu

Have you ever wanted to invest, but don’t want to invest your own money or are interested in learning more about investing? The investment club is here to help you learn more about investing without personal risk.