Want to join a club that addresses a special interest or initiative, like diversity, interfaith or service? Or looking for an organization that will focus on your academic area or intended profession? Saint Martin's has several student opportunities. Don't see a club here that matches your interest? You can start one!

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Lead: Jessica Andres (jessica.andres@stmartin.edu)
Advisor: Crystal Cardona

Catholic Relief Services serves and takes action that contributes to CRS' mission to create transformational change in collaboration with their global human family. Saint Martin's University's CRS chapter focuses to bring awareness to students on campus of the mission to serve and advocate for the global common good.

Social media
Instagram: @saintmartinscrs

Chemistry Club

Club Contact: Chan-Tan Huynh (chantan.huynh@stmartin.edu)
President: Chan-Tan Huynh
Vice President: Bradley Poerio
Secretary: Daisy Garcia-Rivera
Treasurer: Zarina de la Cruz
Advisor: Arwyn Smalley and Brandy Fox

The chemistry club at Saint Martin's University is focused on finding ways to get the community interested in the scientific field of chemistry. We do a variety of outreach activities as well as fundraising for the American Chemical Society National Meeting. Anyone with a love of science and an interest in chemistry is welcome.

Circle K

Club contact: smucirclek@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Alexis Nelson

Circle K international is the biggest student led organization in the world. Circle K is about three main aspects, Service, leadership and fellowship. Saint Martin’s Circle K is active on both the district level and internationally too.

Social media
Instagram: @smucirclek

Cybersecurity Club

Club Contact: Gary Choi (gary.choi@stmartin.edu)
President: Gary Choi
Vice President: Jonathan Wiens
Secretary: Kristi Lee
Treasurer: Shawn Matthews
Advisor: Mark Wright

Cybersecurity Club is a group of Saint Martin’s students who are interested in networking and security concepts.  Students are welcome from any degree program. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in high tech, even compete in competitions, attend conferences, and there are possible job opportunities within the high tech field. 

Engineers Without Borders

Club Contact: Elam Borghi (elam.borghi@stmartin.edu
President: Elam Borghi
Vice President: Jacqueline Freeman
Secretary: Megan Taylor
Advisor: Jae Chung 

The Engineers without Borders club is for students to have a chance to give back to the world through a variety of projects. The club’s goal is to allow students to talk to people in need and have a chance to use their engineering knowledge to help solve these problems. This club has applications for all fields of engineering. 

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Club Contact: Banna Gebre (banna.gebre@stmartin.edu)
President: Banna Gebre
Vice President: Shania Ebreo
Secretary: Mark Domingo
Treasurer: Henry Lemusvera 
Advisor: Cathy Chapman & Keri Graham

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a space of empowerment, acceptance, and inclusion for members of the LGBTQ+ community at Saint Martin’s. We strive to build community within the GSA as well as spread awareness on campus about gender identity and sexuality. All love!

Social media
Instagram: @smu.gsa

Hui `O Hawai`i Club

Club Contact: Jocelyn Bonilla (jocelyn.bonilla@stmartin.edu)
President: Jocelyn Bonilla
Vice President: Kaitlyn Slade
Secretary: Micah Wong
Treasurer: Ian James Yadao
Decoration Chair: Jenna Ramirez
Entertainment Chair: Karlee Kawasaki
Food Chair: Macy Uyehara
Marketing Chair: Nicole Hirao
Advisor: Lauren Taga, Michael Otter Johnson, Robin Pellerin

Hui ʻO Hawaiʻi strives to share the Hawaiian culture with Saint Martin’s University and the outside community. Throughout the year we host numerous events and activities that help share our culture and bring people together both from Hawaiʻi and beyond. Every year, we hold our annual luʻau to share our culture through song, dance, food and fellowship.

Social media

Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA)

Club Contact: Brooklyn LaPointe (brooklyn.lapointe@stmartin.edu
President: Brooklyn LaPointe
Vice President: Auriel Zantua
Advisor: John Hopkins

Indigenous Peoples Alliance was created by native students from different tribes across the Americas. We are here to celebrate our differences, create a space for indigenous students and to educate our fellow students, as well as staff and faculty. We are open to allies and joining forces with other cultural clubs across campus.

International Club

Club contact: Chauncy Holck, chauncey.holk@stmartin.edu
Advisor: Georgia Berry, georgia.berry@stmartin.edu

We, the International Club, would like to welcome international students and domestic students alike to Saint Martin's. Our club helps domestic and international students bond and build lifelong friends. Some club activities include bonding nights, camping trips, movie nights, special holiday activities and more. Everyone is welcome to join!



Club Contact: Jessica Andres (jessica.andres@stmartin.edu)
President: Jessica Andres
Vice President: Beryl Baon
Secretary: Franchesca Ponce
Treasurer: Kai Ortega
Marketing Chair: Patricia Dunlap
FASA Representative: Nathaniel Tuason
Advisor: Floraliza Bornasal

The mission of SMU KaPUSO shall be to preserve and raise awareness of the Filipino culture, history, social advancement and languages within the Saint Martin’s community through social advocacy, community service and participation in cultural events.

Social media
Instagram: @smu.kapuso