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The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an assembly of members whose responsibility is the protection of human subjects in research and investigational activities. Current law places the burden of liability for negligence and harm directly on the researcher and the institution. The board aligns all student research with policies and procedures, which are formulated to help protect the University, the researcher, and in the case of students, the faculty advisor, from liability through imposition of minimum standards for research and developed procedures. Failure to follow these guidelines may cause individuals to incur personal liability for negligence and harm. 

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The IRB application

All researchers—faculty and students—who are incorporating human subjects into their research must complete the IRB application before gathering data. The IRB board will detail all necessary safeguards for researchers, advisors, and human subjects.

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Have questions about IRB? Review frequently asked questions pertaining to all the important details on the Institutional Review Board.


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Board members

Board members, or those specifically delegated by the board, are responsible for overseeing all research projects that incorporate human subjects and implement proper supervision and safeguards for the safety and well-being of all members involved.

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Policies and standards

Policies and standards are in place for the protection of all human subjects in research and investigational activities. The full Policies and Standards provides more detail and information as it pertains to research involving human subjects.

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