Diversity and Equity Center

What we do

The Diversity and Equity Center (DEC) of Saint Martin's University is committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive and equitable learning environment for all members of the campus community. Inspired by our Catholic, Benedictine tradition, which honors the dignity of each person and strives for peace and justice in our world, the DEC seeks to build a campus community that engenders inclusive excellence, facilitates intercultural understanding, and promotes social justice learning.

Contact Information

DEC Harned Hall 201-202,

Lounge Harned Hall 207

“DEI is not accomplished through the efforts of one person. It requires all of us. My hope in this new role is to collaboratively envision and develop the strategies that help us live out our Benedictine, Catholic tradition more fully so every student feels a deep sense of belonging.”  

John P. Hopkins, Ph.D.

The Diversity and Equity Center is a space devoted to building community, developing programs, and providing resources, support and advocacy for students with historically underrepresented identities.  The DEC sponsors cultural clubs and programming throughout the year, including the AHANA Connections Orientation.

Practicing inclusive excellence

Creating an inclusive and welcoming community requires the dedication of faculty, staff, and students to promote inclusive excellence in all aspects of academic life. To this end, we work collaboratively with campus partners to sponsor a variety of diversity-related programs and events that recognize and validate our distinct identities, worldviews, and cultures. Our diversity is our strength.

Hospitality: “To offer warmth, acceptance, joy in welcoming others” (RB, 48)

Serving and seeking social justice

Catholic social teaching calls us to protect human life, promote human dignity, and advance the common good. We sponsor a number of service opportunities for students to put this teaching into action. Through service opportunities, students are able to connect their learning about diversity with the political, social, economic, and global issues currently facing our shared humanity. Students emerge from these opportunities engaged citizens ready to transform their world.

Justice: “…that in all things God may be glorified” (RB, 57)

Developing critical consciousness

Supporting the overall success of students requires that faculty, staff, and students engage and promote an equitable educational environment. We offer a variety of programs and opportunities that support underrepresented students in their navigation of college life and educate faculty, staff, and students in building a more equitable community.

Respect for persons: “No one is to pursue what is judged best for oneself, but instead, what is better for someone else” (RB, 72)

African-American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian-Pacific Islander, Native American (AHANA) Connections is a three-day orientation for students of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Students living on campus get early move-in and a head start on making new friends, connecting with faculty and staff, and learning about campus resources and support services.

Want to help your peers? Become an AHANA Mentor!

Act Six is a leadership and scholarship program creating a network of social-justice-oriented community affiliates and faith-based colleges to equip emerging young leaders to transform their college campuses and home communities. The scholarship is a full-tuition, full-need scholarship.

Learn more about the Act Six program

There are many cultural clubs on campus celebrating diversity.  Stay tuned for a full list!


Bias Impact Response Team (BIRT)

The Saint Martin’s University Bias Impact Response Team (BIRT) is a group of selected University community members appointed by the President to monitor and address incidents of bias to help Saint Martin’s live out its meaning and practice of community.