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 The Writing Center provides students with one-on-one writing tutoring services, writing tutors are trained to facilitate academic, personal, professional and creative writing across all disciplines. The Writing Center believes that writing is a right for all and a means of promoting social justice in the world. 

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"I would like students to take away from my classes that writing is one of the ultimate arts in self-expression. It is a serious means of finding communion with humanity. Write what you like to write, write often and with purpose and you may find yourself more in sync with the human planet."

Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, English
College of Arts & Sciences

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Hi, I’m Elliott Brown and I’m from Olympia, WA. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education and minoring in Theatre. My interests include fashion, watching movies, and making music. My special areas of focus for writing are any type of essays and I have experience with MLA and APA style. I will help anyone make words appear on paper, no matter how much time we have.


Aloha, I am Jenna. I am currently a junior student-athlete at Saint Martin’s University majoring in Nursing. I am heavily involved with the Women’s Soccer Team and the Hui ‘O Hawai’i Club. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others to the best of my abilities!


Hi, I’m Kylie and I’m from Beaumont, CA. I’m a junior majoring in Elementary Education. I can help with all types of writing and am well-versed in MLA, APA and Chicago style. My hobbies and interests are volleyball, writing, and playing with my puppy. 


Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m from Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii.  I’m a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Legal Studies. My specialty is helping students with writing essays, especially for English, sociology, and environmental studies classes. I am proficient in using MLA style. My hobbies are going to the beach and out to eat with friends.


My name is Steven Gonzalez and my hometown is Ocala, FL. I’m a senior majoring in Communication Studies. My hobbies are writing, video games, and hiking. I am well-versed in various facets of writing (e.g., poetry, screenwriting, essays, etc.) and am proficient with MLA, AP, and APA styles. I require that appointments are booked 24 hours in advance. I also ask that drafts are submitted at the time of booking, or no later than 6 hours prior to our appointment.

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Job Description: Writing Tutors meet with student writers to ask questions and make suggestions that help writers generate topics, organize material and clarify ideas. Rather than edit papers, Writing Tutors respond to student writing as readers and give their overall impression of student papers. Writing Tutors notice patterns of error as well as strengths in student writing.

Responsibilities: Writing Tutors assist students at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming for essay ideas to polishing final drafts, both face-to-face and online. Writing Tutors are required to attend weekly training meetings to discuss challenges, build analytical skills for recognizing strengths and weakness in student papers, and learn strategies for assisting writers. During periods of down time, Writing Tutors may be asked to work on Writing Center-related projects.

Qualifications: Writing Tutors need the ability to analyze writing strengths and weaknesses in student papers and explain and clarify writing concepts. They also demonstrate evidence of interpersonal communication skills, dependability, and the desire to support students in their learning. The ability to convey assistance with empathy and humor is a benefit. Previous tutoring experience, formal or informal, is helpful. Interest in and/or previous experience assisting students from diverse backgrounds is also an asset.

Hours: Writing Tutors work set hours each week at times arranged according to their schedule and the Center’s needs. Writing Tutors are paid for weekly training sessions and for their scheduled hours.

Salary: Spring 2021 $13.50 per hour.    

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Additional free tutoring for military members and their families

Are you a U.S. military connected student? for U.S. Military Families, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, is a program that provides on-demand, online tutoring and homework help at no cost to eligible service members, civilian personnel, and their dependents. With live, expert tutors available 24/7, military-connected students can receive academic help at their moment of need—anywhere they have an internet connection. Our tutors at Saint Martin's are always glad to help but this option has 24/7 support and may offer support in subjects we do not have tutors for.

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