Work study and student employment

Most people go to college so they can eventually get a higher-paying and satisfying career. But to get to that point, most students need to work at least in the summers if not year-round. These jobs are important for the combination of money, experience, work ethic, and relationships they provide.

Determining your employment needs

There are two types of student employment at Saint Martin's: work study and student labor.

Work study
Students on campus may be awarded through their financial aid package a work study grant. It can be one of two types, federal or state work study. Each requires different actions and support from Student Financial Services and the Center for Career and Calling (aka Career Center).

Student labor
Students that do not qualify for work study grants will be seeking non-work study (student labor) employment.

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Federal work study

This program is funded through the federal government, and the award appears on the financial aid package if a student has demonstrated financial need. This is awarded to students that are in their freshman or sophomore year in college. This funding does not credit the student account, so it should not be counted toward the bill when trying to determine the balance due for any given semester. This funding is available for students to earn by working a part time job on campus. Jobs can range from working in the athletic department, to working in academic or administrative offices.

Learn more about federal work study

State work study

This program is funded through the Washington Student Achievement Council. This is awarded to students that are in their junior or senior year in college and has a need for financial assistance. This is a program allows students to gain job experience in the field they would like to work in after graduation. With the state work study program, students are hired by off campus employers who are reimbursed by the state for a percentage of the wages paid to the student. This funding does not credit the student account, so it should not be counted toward the bill when trying to determine the balance due for any given semester. The funding is available to students to earn by working a part time job off campus.

Learn more about state work study

**Being awarded work study does not guarantee a job. For both federal and state programs students are responsible for researching and securing employment. Once employed, students are paid a paycheck by their employer. Pay dates varying from organization to organization. This money will not be applied toward the bill; it can be used by the student for personal and miscellaneous expenses. Students are not required to use the work study awarded, but this funding will not be replaced by any other financial aid if declined or simply not used.

Student employee hiring process

Saint Martin's University is committed to providing a space beyond the classroom that encourages student learning. Through part-time student employment, students have the opportunity to enrich and enhance their academic experiences by applying learned skills and theories in a practical setting, while earning income to assist with college expenses.

The Office of Human Resources oversees the student employment hiring process and works with student employee supervisors and current students – whether through work-study or on-campus employment.

International students

International students are eligible for on-campus employment only. Learn more here.

Job opportunities around campus

Job opportunities around campus

There are many jobs for student workers across Saint Martin's campus that could suit your skills and interests. Begin your search here with campus and res life. For questions about student employment, our Center for Career and Calling staff is happy to help!

Trautman Union Building (TUB) - Join the Campus Life team!

AHANA mentors

AHANA mentors facilitate the AHANA Connections Program during the 2016 fall semester. AHANA Connections (Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, African-American/Black, and Native American) is a program to help start your academic career running.  The Office of Diversity and Service offer a three-day orientation designed specifically for incoming students of color.  As a compliment to the new student orientation, AHANA mentors helps students adjust to campus life before the hustle and bustle of student activity.

Orientation leaders

Orientation leaders facilitate summer orientation sessions and the Incipio Orientation at the start of fall semester. Orientation leaders serve as a mentor to new students, lead small group meetings and facilitate group activities, and are a major resource and guide to new students and their families. Orientation leaders help students adjust to campus life before the beginning of the academic year.

Programming specialists (PROs)

The Office of Campus Life is looking for programming specialists for the 2017-2018 academic year. Programming Specialists engage students in on campus activities throughout the school year. They create, plan and host events on and off campus with money provided by student activities fees. It is a part-time paid position with flexible hours that do include night and weekends. They attend a student activities conference in the fall semester free of charge and have hands on opportunities to meet new students, learn leadership and teamwork skills, and learn to creat fun, meaningful events. PROs need to be intentional of student needs and interests, be able to plan ahead and be adaptable to change.

TUB crew

The Office of Campus Life will be seeking to fill positions for the 2017-18 school year. Working with students, faculty, staff and the community, the Trautman Union Building (TUB) crew play a key role in making the TUB a welcoming environment.

Online applications for the TUB crew member position will be available in March 2017.

Send applications to:
Office of Campus Life
Trautman Union Building
Campus life staff

Office of Housing and Residence Life

Residence life staff

Every residence hall has a full-time professional staff member, who supervises a specially selected and trained student staff consisting of resident assistants, (RAs), and residence life office assistants (OAs). It is this team of the professional and paraprofessional staff that ensures the hall atmosphere is conducive to the student's academic learning, personal growth and physical well-being. Our staff has been intentionally selected to help provide a safe and positive experience for all residents. It is important for you to get to know the professional and paraprofessional staff in your living area. Please contact them if you need assistance with anything!

Office assistants

Office assistants are student staff members who serve as a resource at the main lobby desks of both Parsons and Spangler halls. Desk assistants are available to helps with lock-outs, contacting the RA or RD, providing toilet paper or vacuums, checking out game equipment, etc. This is a federal work study position. Applications are available from the office of Housing and Residence Life. These positions are typically filled through an application and interview process at the beginning of the fall semester. However occasionally there will be openings throughout the school year. 

Resident assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) are student staff members who live on the floor with residents and serve as a resource to residents. In addition, RAs strive to foster a rich community on their floor and in the hall. RAs have typically lived on campus for at least one semester. There is approximately one RA for every 32 residents. This student leadership position is paid and includes room and board.

Norcia mentors

Norcia Mentors (NMs) are established or emerging student leaders who have expressed a commitment to further develop their own leadership abilities while engaging with first-year students and guiding them through the transition to college life. NMs will work directly with 1 to 3 first-year students while living in community with their mentees and pursuing lasting relationships with their peers. They are responsible for fostering an environment that encourages and supports leadership in all its forms, and will actively participate in forming the shared expectations and values of the floor.

Resident Assistant and Norcia Mentor hiring process is completed through the Leadership Common App, at the end of the Fall and is due on January 30 at 5pm for the next academic year. The link to the application can be found HERE.
Conference assistants

Conference assistants (CAs) is a student leadership position in the office of Housing and Residence Life during the summer. The CAs assist with summer SMU residents, summer conference guests, as well as staffing the residence life offices during the summer months. This is a paid position that includes summer housing. The application process for this position occurs toward the end of spring semester. Our application process for conference assistants will start at the end of spring semester.


Student employment contacts

Student Financial Services

Endorsing the Catholic Benedictine values of faith, reason, service, and community, the Student Financial Services Center supports the mission of Saint Martin's University to empower students in their pursuit of learning and honors their sacredness as individuals as well as their families and our community in an efficient and caring professional manner. Student Financial Services handles tuition/fees and room/board billing and payments, payment plan information, student health insurance and sponsored billing for students using outside sources such as VA benefits, Tuition Assistance, International Sponsors and other sponsoring agencies.

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is committed to providing a respectful and welcoming environment for members of the Saint Martin’s community and visitors. We are dedicated to serving and advising members of our community in their work through providing strategic leadership and efficient and effective business processes. We succeed by earning the satisfaction, respect and trust of those who support us and do business with us.

Finance Office

The mission of the Finance Office is to provide quality customer service to all constituents of Saint Martin's University, to communicate clearly, effectively and respectfully to all constituents of Saint Martin's University and to practice responsible stewardship of University resources. Please let us know how we can be of help.

Center for Career and Calling

The Center for Career and Calling (aka Career Center) is wholeheartedly committed to supporting our diverse student population in defining their career goals and objectives as they relate to future employment and graduate school opportunities.