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Important Information


First priority reviewOct. 15
Second priority reviewNov. 1
Third priority reviewDec. 1
First year nursing applications*Jan. 15
Fourth priority reviewFeb. 1
Fifth priority reviewMar. 1
Cancellation deadlines for admission deposit refund:
Fall - May 1

Final application deadline:
Fall 2022 - June 18

Final deposit deadline:
Fall 2022  - July 5

* Due to the competitive nature of our nursing program, first-year nursing applications for high school students are due Jan. 15. Applications after that date will not be considered for fall admission. 



Application requirements for first-year students include:

  • Saint Martin's Application or the Common Application*
  • Your official and sealed high school transcript‡
  • A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor
  • Test optional (SAT/ACT)
  • **Nursing essay questions are required for all nursing applicants.

* There is no application fee for domestic first-year applicants.
** As instructed on the Common Application.
‡ Provided by your counselor.

Why apply early?

Student with papers at computer screen

Priority consideration

Applicants who complete their application by each review deadline will receive priority consideration for admission, scholarships, and other types of financial aid. Those who apply later will be admitted on a space-available basis and should be aware that some types of housing, Saint Martin’s scholarships, and state and federal aid may be limited.

Applicants should submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning October 1 prior to the academic year for which they are applying.

Additional information

Students who have applied before

Saint Martin’s University retains application materials of all those who have previously applied.

If you would like to apply again, please contact the Office of Admissions for instructions. At minimum you’ll need to submit transcripts for any work you’ve completed since you last applied.


A deferred student is a student who has chosen to defer their admission to enroll in a subsequent semester (within one year of the original semester for which the first application for admission was granted).

Deferred students are not eligible to accumulate additional credit hours during their deferral. Doing so will void the offer of admission to the University, requiring another application for admission.


Students who have attended Saint Martin's University but were not enrolled the previous semester and left in good standing must submit a completed re-admission form to the Office of Admissions. Students who have attended another college or university during their absence must submit official transcripts from each institution. Students are eligible for readmission for up to seven years following their last enrolled academic term at Saint Martin’s. If a student has not been enrolled for more than seven years at Saint Martin’s, the student must reapply for admission as a transfer student. As with all applicants, the student’s application will be evaluated holistically, taking into account academic, service, and leadership considerations.

Complete our re-admit form 


The deadline for fall is July 31.

Financial aid

Applicants for readmission who need financial assistance are strongly encouraged to contact the Student Financial Service Center at the same time they apply for readmission and begin the process for applying of financial aid. If you have any questions or difficulty completing the re-admission application please contact the Office of Admissions at 800-368-8803 or email

Military and Veterans

Saint Martin’s University will allow service members and reservists to be re-admitted to a program if they are temporarily unable to attend class or have to suspend their studies due to service requirements. Additional military resources are available for review.

Students suspended from the University can petition for reinstatement to the University after one or more semesters away. Detailed instructions are contained in the University Catalog. Students may also contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs at 360-438-8848 for additional information.

Students petitioning for reinstatement are also strongly encouraged to contact the financial aid office at the same time they begin the petition process for information and instructions.

Note: Students who wish to return to Saint Martin’s in the semester immediately after receiving notice of suspension should contact the office listed above for instructions on how to appeal their suspension and ask for immediate reinstatement.

Washington State students who have taken Running Start classes apply to Saint Martin’s as first-year applicants. This also applies to students from other states with similar dual-enrollment or "college in the high school" programs.

To receive credit for college level work, students must submit transcripts from the college or university where they completed the courses. Your running start work will be evaluated for transferability and you’ll receive full-credit for the college-level work you’ve completed under Saint Martin’s general transfer of credit policies.

AP CourseAP ScoreTransfer CourseCredits Earned
Art History3 or betterCOR 240A3
Art: 2D3 or betterCOR 240A3
Art: 3D3 or betterCOR 240A3
Art: Drawing3 or betterART 2953
Biology3 or betterBIO 1414
Calculus BC4 or 5MTH 171/MTH 1728
Calculus BC3MTH 1714
Calculus AB4 or 5MTH 1714
Chemistry3CHM 1414
Chemistry3 and 1 yr AP ChemCHM 141L1
Chemistry4 or 5CHM 141/CHM 1428
Chemistry4 or 5 and 1 yr AP ChemCHM 141L/CHM 142L10
Chinese3 or betterCOR 140C4
Comp. Politics3 or betterCOR 250P3
Computer Science A3 or betterCSC1803
Computer Science Principles4 or 5CSC1013
Eng. Lit/Comp3 or betterENG Elective LD6
Enviro. Science3 or betterBIO1104
European History4 or 5COR 250H3
French3 or betterCOR 140F4
Geography3 or betterCOR 250P3
German3 or betterCOR 1404
Italian3 or betterCOR 1404
Japanese3 or betterCOR 1404
Latin3 or betterCOR 1404
Macroecon.3 or betterECN 202 or COR 220E3
Microecon.3 or betterECN 2013
Music Theory3 or betterMUS 1083
Physics 13 or betterPHY 1414
Physics 23 or betterPHY 1424
Physics C: Elec3 or betterPHY1724
Physics C: Mechanics3 or betterPHY1714
Psychology3 or betterPSY 101 or COR 220P3
Spanish Lang.3 or betterCOR 140S4
Spanish Lit.3 or betterCOR 140S4
Statistics3 or betterMTH 2013
US History4 or 5COR 250U4
US Politics3 or betterPLS 151 or COR 250P3
World History4 or 5COR 250H3


Find out more about transferring IB credit to Saint Martin's »

Saint Martin’s University awards university course credit for IB exams on which students achieve a score of 5 or higher, on both Standard Level and Higher Level exams.

Students who earn the IB Diploma will be awarded up to 30 credits of university-level work at Saint Martin's University. The IB Diploma can meet the following Core requirements if the Diploma student achieves a score of 5 or higher on the individual exams for each respective area:

  • ENG 101 (3 credits)
  • World Language (3 credits for Standard Level, 6 credits for Higher Level)
  • History or Social & Behavioral Foundations (3-6 credits, depending on the courses)
  • Science with lab (4 credits)
  • MTH 110 (3 credits)
  • Fine Arts (3 credits)

IB Diploma students will also earn additional credits, either as specific SMU courses (see Table below) or lower division elective credits, depending on the total diploma score.

  • 24 points = 24 total credits
  • 25 points = 25 total credits
  • 26 points = 26 total credits
  • 27 points = 27 total credits
  • 28 points = 28 total credits
  • 29 points = 29 total credits
  • 30 points or more = 30 total credits

Students who complete IB coursework but not the Diploma will also receive university credit for IB exams, both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL), on which they earn a 5 or higher. Specific Saint Martin's University courses correspond to the IB exams, as shown in the Table below. Other IB exams will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

IB ExamTransfer CourseCredits Earned
Art (visual)ART 205 (Core fine arts)3
BiologyCore science w/ lab4
Chemistry- SLCHM 141/141L5
Chemistry- HLCHM 141/141L and CHM 142/142L10
Classical LanguagesCore 1 year World Language6
Computer ScienceCSC 1013
DanceCore fine arts3
EconomicsCore social and behavioral foundations3
English Language and LitENG 1013
FilmCore fine arts3
French Language and Lit- SLFRN 1013
French Language and Lit- HLFRN 101 and FRN 1026
German Language and Lit- HLCore 1 year World Language6
GeographyGPH 2103
Global PoliticsPLS 1523
History, worldCore non-U.S. history3
Mathematics*MTH 1103
MusicCore fine arts3
PhysicsCore science w/ lab4
PsychologyPSY 1013
Spanish Language and Lit- SLSPN 1013
Spanish Language and Lit- HLSPN 101 and SPN 1026
Sports, exercise, and health scienceCore science w/ lab4
TheaterCore fine arts3

*Students needing a specific math course for the major will need to take the math placement test and be placed into the appropriate course.

Home schooled applicants will be evaluated on an individual basis. Applicants should supply as much information as possible about their home school experience.

At minimum, transcripts, descriptions of all courses—with reading lists—should be submitted to the Office of Admissions. If courses have been taken at a local high school or college, transcripts must be submitted.

Please visit our homeschool page for additional information.

Saint Martin's University is rated as a Top College by Military Advanced Education & Transition due to the overwhelming support and services provided to our military students and family. Students participating in the ROTC program at Saint Martin's who receive the ROTC Scholarship are eligible for 100% coverage of tuition and fees.

Find out more about ROTC at Saint Martin's »

Saint Martin's University provides foster, homeless and unaccompanied youth with a supportive and nurturing environment to grow as part of a program entitled Fostering Success. Visit our foster, homeless and unaccompanied youth page for more details on resources, scholarships and student profiles.

Post-baccalaureate students are students who have already completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and who seek admission to complete an additional undergraduate degree (different from the one they currently hold).

Of note, post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for institutional financial aid UNLESS they are enrolling in the RN-to-BSN program.

Post-baccalaureate applicants should fill out a transfer application.

A non-matriculated student is a student who wishes to take post-secondary or post-baccalaureate courses but does not intend to pursue a bachelor's degree, a certificate or fulfill prerequisites for a particular Saint Martin’s degree program. These students should contact the Office of the Registrar.