Education 4 + 1 program

4 + 1 or 2 + 2 + 1 Program
BA - Elementary Education
MED - Special Education

Currently enrolled Saint Martin's undergraduate special education or elementary education students have the opportunity to continue on and earn a Master of Education (MED) through our 4 + 1 program.  This comprehensive program creates a unique, accelerated pathway to teaching. You will enter the profession with deep qualifications and classroom/community-based experiences that make you a standout in the field.

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    Why choose the 4 + 1 program?

    4 + 1 allows you to complete your Master's degree program in only one additional year beyond your undergraduate degree. Your financial aid from your undergraduate program is applied to the courses in your senior year so it is approximately $15,000 in savings.  

    Additional benefits:

    • No graduate application fee 

    • Letters of recommendation are waived

    • Transcripts are not required (as they can be acquired from Registrar's Office)

    • Priority access for graduate assistantships

    The program's flexible structure allows you to choose when you want to enter the profession. You can be certified and teach as soon as your BA-Elementary Education degree is complete, and then complete the final courses for your MED-Special Education in the evenings as you work. Or, you can choose to teach at the completion of your Master's degree program.

    Whichever option(s) you choose, you will graduate with:

    • Bachelor's degree with elementary teacher certification in 4 years
    • Master's degree in special education (1 additional year as opposed to 2) and
    • Recommendation for WA special education endorsement
    • Social justice in learning and in action! Our content and approaches are equity centered and action oriented, enriched by the Benedictine values of justice, respect, and peace

    Saints succeed

    “This opportunity rocks! The classes are cutting edge, and the instructors are amazing. If you want to make a difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion, this is your program!”

    Bethany Camera-Schley ’23
    College of Education and Counseling


    Eligibility to apply requirements

    Students must: 

    • Students must meet all graduate admissions eligibility requirements. Students will not be required to prove English Language Proficiency a second time.
    • Students typically have completed a minimum of 60 credits, including credits earned from Advanced Placement, Running Start (Dual Credit), International Baccalaureate (IB), etc. in order to apply. Credit verification and program eligibility will be discussed at the pre-program advising consultation with the education student support coordinator.
    • Transfer students must have completed a minimum of 60 credits—whether from the transfer institution alone or in combination with Saint Martin's credits.

    Course requirements

    If accepted, up to 12 credits of approved graduate courses may be applied toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees. This condition is specific to a 4 + 1 program. Thus, but the undergraduate and graduate degrees in education could be earned in five academic years.  For information, please refer to the graduate academic catalog.

    4 + 1 BA - Elementary Education / MED - Special Education Requirements

    Pre-program requirements

    • ED 204: Culture, Equity, and Education (3)
    • ED 205: Learning and Development (3)

    Program requirements

    • ED 406: Planning and Assessment (1)
    • MED 559: Introduction to Exceptionalities (2)
    • HIS 326 or ED 414: PNW History (3)
    • ED 426: Methods of Language Acquisition (3)
    • ED 304: Practicum I (1)
    • ED 362: Professional Issues and Abuse (1)
    • ED 439: Literature and Arts Integration (Elem Ed only) (3)
    • MED 512: Assistive Technology for All Learners (2)
    • ED 408: Practicum II (1)
    • ED 418: Critical Narratives and Historical Integrations in Teaching (2)
    • ED 417: Health and Fitness Approaches (1)
    • ED 395/495: Special Topics/Ed Elective (rqd) (3)
    • ED 451: STEM Integrations (3)
    • MED 461: Instructional Strategies for All Learners (2)
    • SED 467: Ed Elective: Special Education Law (rqd) (3)
    • ED 464: Literacy Practices for K-8 Learners (3)
    • MED 569: Practicum III – split placement (3)
    • ED 494: Teaching Internship (with split placement) (10)
    • ED 498: Internship Seminar (2)

    Upon completion of these courses, you must then take:

    • MED 563: Management Strategies for Exceptional Learners (3)
    • MED 566: Assessment in special education (3)
    • MED 601: Educational Research I (3)

    In addition – choose 1 exit option

    Exit option I 
    • MED 699: Final Research Project / Thesis (3)
    Exit option 2
    • Combine MED698: Integrating Theory and Practice – Capstone (3)  -AND-  one MED from MED 565 or MED 620 ASD or MED614 Culture of Disability (2)


    Questions? Connect with McKenna Johnson for undergraduate advising for 2+2+1 and 4+1 students

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