The Campus Ministry office at Saint Martin’s University supports students as they grow in their faith and spirituality through programs and activities that are rooted in our core values of faith, reason, service and community. Together with our monastic community, Benedictine Institute and service immersion programs, Campus Ministry is dedicated to promoting and teaching about our Catholic identity in the context of Benedictine spirituality.

Retreats, interfaith initiatives, community outreach projects, small faith-sharing groups, liturgy and prayer services are among the many ways students can explore, strengthen, celebrate and encourage one another on their faith journey. Members of our community from all religions and religious backgrounds and without a faith tradition are invited and encouraged to share in all that Campus Ministry does. Programs through the University’s Office of Interfaith Initiatives give our students avenues to develop leadership skills and build bridges of appreciation and understanding among people from many faith traditions.

Father Pete discussing zombies
Pop culture with Papa Pete

“The Theology of Zombies? Lady Gaga and Judas? If you had told me five years ago that I would be giving a series of talks with titles like that, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed. I was a monk and a librarian, and that was that.” Father Peter Tynan spurs lively discussions in the residence halls.

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Happiness is a Campus Ministry retreat

Happiness is a Campus Ministry retreat

Just when you feel like university life is pushing you over the edge, a Campus Ministry retreat comes along to pull you away from the pressures and obligations of your normal routines, giving you and fellow students a chance to relax, reflect and refocus as we experience God’s love together.


Getting deep into service

Saint Martin's Service Banner

Campus Ministry coordinates service experiences, from local service opportunities for a few hours to overnight immersion experiences. Find yourself helping those in need and discover your calling to transform the world. Join us!


Service and Community Engagement

Bridge-building, Saint Martin’s style

interfaith discussion

Building bridges through interfaith talks and activities takes on many forms at Saint Martin’s. By reaching out to others of all faiths and of no particular faith background and working with them, we are helping to create a world of peace and understanding.

Interfaith Initiatives