Melody Howe

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Professional Mental Health Counselor


Hello! I graduated from Pacific University in 2019 with a doctorate in clinical psychology. During graduate school, I discovered a passion for university counseling and sought university experiences for both my pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral training. After four years of experience in three different states I haven't lost my fondness for working with young adults. I look forward to getting to know the Saint Martin's community!

A foundation of my work with clients is aiding them in moving towards their authentic self. My therapy approach utilizes a humanistic framework and implements aspects from evidence-based treatments that include motivational interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Gestalt therapy. I value my work with the student population and working with students with visible or invisible minority experiences. I believe that there is always room to explore how our intersecting identities impact how we move through the world and explore ways of living authentically.

Having recently relocated I am having fun exploring the parks and restaurants! For self-care I enjoy going on walks while listening to audiobooks, spending time with friends and family, and forest bathing!