Going to college is a big investment, and determining what you will pay for a four-year degree does not have to be scary or confusing. Did you know it's free to apply to Saint Martin's? Also, our merit scholarships range from $5,000 to $23,000, with opportunities to earn even more.

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Affordable College of Distinction

Saint Martin's was named an Affordable College of Distinction for 2024-25.
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Before we take a look at scholarships and financial aid information, we would like to address some frequently asked questions.

FAQ #1

Q: My family is not wealthy. Can I afford a Saint Martin’s education?

A: Yes! Our community is made up of students from a wide variety of family situations. No matter your family’s financial background, you will be at home here at Saint Martin's.


“I’ve always had the dream of going to college, but not being able to afford it was what kept me from my dream. Financial aid helped me so much with being able to attend Saint Martin's because of the amount they are able to give me. It’s scary to think about how expensive school can get, but they are very understanding about your situation. I’m grateful enough to only have to pay for a small portion of the school's cost."
Kain Tinajero Hernandez

FAQ #2

Q: How will I figure out all of the details?

A: You will not be alone - we are here to help! At Saint Martin’s, we offer resources and support to help you understand the financial aid process, earn additional aid and make the best decision. Remember, your admissions counselor is only a text, call or email away.


"College can be expensive, but Saint Martin's University has offered scholarships and resources that have made college affordable for me! I am a recipient of the Act Six scholarship, which has covered a big portion of my tuition, leaving me with an affordable tuition cost. I manage my payments by understanding the financial process through the faculty of financial aid, who are very helpful! On top of that, I have worked an off campus job and currently work an on campus job, so I can save money for school and pay off any cost needed."
Reine Albite

FAQ #3

Q: Will I have to take out a bunch of loans to pay for my education at Saint Martin’s?

A: Because financial aid packages are personalized to the individual, the answer is different for everyone. It is important to know that Saint Martin's has one of the lowest average rates of student loan debt per borrower, not only in Washington state, but also in the U.S. overall.


“A huge part of managing my tuition cost is through looking for outside scholarships in my community (via community scholarship foundations, if you attend a church, your guardian's place of work, etc.). While it may take some work writing out an essay and gathering letters of recommendation, these have made a huge impact on me being able to afford tuition, and I would highly encourage others to look into them.”
Hannah Erwin


“Saint Martin’s University has provided me a great amount of financial aid. Personally, the majority of my tuition is covered by my scholarships. The Chancellor Scholarship as well as the Benedictine Scholars scholarship has helped me immensely in affording higher education. Saint Martin’s University gives students many opportunities to apply and receive aid.”
Kita Keopanapay

The value of a Saint Martin's education

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8th best value regional universities of the West

U.S. News and World Report

Number one in Return of Investment (ROI) for students' tuition dollars among private institutions in Washington state


One of the lowest average rates of student loan debt per borrower, not only in Washington state, but also in the U.S. overall


100% of domestic students receive financial aid at Saint Martin's

What do you qualify for?

First-year Saint Martin's scholarships

The following anticipated annual awards are based on a holistic review of applications and unweighted cumulative GPA.

GPAScholarship award
4.0-3.9$26,000 Chancellor's
3.89-3.70$24,000 President's
3.69-3.45$23,000 Dean's
3.44-3.10$21,000 Faculty
3.09-2.50$19,000 University
2.49-below$10,000 Angus McDonald
Transfer Saint Martin's scholarships

The following anticipated annual awards are based on a holistic review of applications and unweighted cumulative GPA of all college work.

GPAScholarship award
4.0-3.4$30,000 Trustee's (invitation only)
3.5-above$26,000 Chancellor's
3.49-3.00$23,000 Dean's
2.99-below$21,000 Faculty's

* Saint Martin’s is now a test optional university. Although we are test-optional, we are still happy to accept and consider SAT or ACT scores as part of your application review. Talk with your admissions counselor about how your test scores can affect your merit award.

* Be sure to include any high school activities, awards, clubs and rigor of your high school curriculum (honors, AP/IB, college in the high school, etc.) on your Saint Martin’s application as merit awards are based on a holistic review of your application.

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Additional resources

  • Intentional career preparation starting your freshman year backed by our Saints Promise
  • Rigorous academics that prepare you for real-world challenges
  • A close-knit community where professors and students know you by name
  • Opportunities to grow in your faith and serve in your community

Have additional questions about financial aid?

 Reach out to your admissions counselor! Set up a meeting, give them a call or send a quick text. 

Questions? Call us!

Student Financial Services

Endorsing the Catholic Benedictine values of faith, reason, service, and community, the Student Financial Services Center supports the mission of Saint Martin's University to empower students in their pursuit of learning and honors their sacredness as individuals as well as their families and our community in an efficient and caring professional manner. Student Financial Services handles tuition/fees and room/board billing and payments, payment plan information, student health insurance and sponsored billing for students using outside sources such as VA benefits, Tuition Assistance, International Sponsors and other sponsoring agencies.