Saint Martin's University, a Top College & University for Military Advanced Education and Transition, is proud to offer ROTC students the opportunity to study in a supportive and military-friendly environment. Pacific Lutheran University is the host college for Army ROTC in the Puget Sound region, with students cross-enrolling to participate in Military Science classes and PT.

ROTC Program Highlights

  • Robust scholarship opportunities (up to 100% of tuition and fees)
  • Supportive on-campus environment with numerous former military members among faculty, students, and staff
  • Numerous military-affiliated clubs on campus (Veteran's Club, etc.)
  • Cross-enrollment at PLU (Saint Martin's students do not need to apply to PLU) for Military Science courses




The Army ROTC Scholarship:

  • Covers 100% of tuition and fees
  • $1200 book allowance
  • Monthly stipend
    • First-year: $300
    • Sophomore: $350
    • Juniors: $450
    • Seniors: $500

Application Process:

1) Create a GO ARMY account
2)Complete the four-year Army ROTC Scholarship application

Top College & University for Military

Top College & University for Military

Top College & University for Military

Saint Martin's University has been recognized by Military Advanced Education & Transition as one of the top schools for military personnel and their families. Saint Martin's takes pride in supporting our military learners, as evidenced by our strong relationship with JBLM.

Student Story

Saint Martin's ROTC student James Hale

Student Story

"It's a great place to grow and learn leadership skills. It's a great way to get a degree while also having a guaranteed job in the Army afterwards. We do PT 3 days a week, do a lab every other week and then go to class 1 to 2 times a week depending on what year you are in. There are also a lot of other opportunity to get involved like Color Guard, Ranger Challenge and lots of community events. The professors at SMU are great. They are very fascilitative when working with me and my various ROTC commitments."

James Hale, current Saint Martin's student and ROTC participant