Spiritual Life Institute

Since the early 1980’s, the Spiritual Life Institute at Saint Martin’s University has brought together nationally and internationally renowned theologians, scholars of religion and public intellectuals to commonly reflect upon pertinent issues of religious faith and identity, the contemporary relevance and intersection of religion and the pursuit of social justice within the public square and the enduring spiritual quest in search of God [quaerere Deum] and self-understanding alike within an increasingly globalized world.

In keeping with the Institute’s Catholic rootedness and equally robust ecumenical and dialogical spirit, the overall purpose of the SLI aims to facilitate a healthy balance and immersive educational experience that is nourished by the age-old Benedictine emphasis of Ora et labora et lege - Prayer, work, study.  In addition to daily lectures by our guest lecturers and community roundtable discussions, there will be times for both daily silence, community prayer and service learning work at Saint Martin’s Our Common Home Farms (OCHF) that ultimately aims to integrate both theory and practice.

Institute participants are thus actively encouraged to fully take part in these immersive experiences that inspires both self-examination, personal growth and is warmly hospitable to a diversity of views that ultimately enriches our common dialogue with major scholars and leaders active in theological reflection, spiritual formation and social justice work both nationally and internationally.

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