Our campus recreation programs include Saints Outdoor Adventure Recreation, Saint Martin's Intramurals and the Wellness Program.

We have a variety of programs that enhance and challenge students' overall educational opportunities outside of the classroom. These programs will invite students to challenge themselves physically, to engage with the broader Saint Martin's community and to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings.

Saint Martin's Intramurals

Through participation in intramural programs, students will develop a sense of belonging to the Saint Martin’s University community and experience various opportunities to participate in a variety of sports.

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Saints Outdoor Adventure Recreation (SOAR)


Outdoor adventures

Through Saints Outdoor Adventure Recreation (SOAR), students have an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with the greater Saint Martin’s University community, and develop an appreciation for the diverse recreational activities that Western Washington has to offer.

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Calendar of trips

SOAR trips include hiking, rafting, snowshoeing, ski and snowboarding, caving and paintball. All students, staff and faculty are able to participate on SOAR trips. Participants do not need to have prior experience to participate on SOAR trips. Trips will vary in length, but will primarily consist of day trips on at least two weekends per month during the school year.

Ski and Snowboard
Whitewater Rafting


Wellness Program

Students playing pickup game of basketball.

Programs at the Charneski Recreation Center

Through participation in our Wellness Program, students will have a greater sense of self, an understanding of how wellness can positively impact their lives and learn lifelong skills in overall health and wellness. 

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  • Free wellness classes

    Classes are open to any Saint Martin's student, staff, or faculty. Classes typically run for 30-60 minutes, once a week throughout the week for about six weeks throughout the year.

    Youth Karate - Beginner (5-8 yrs)
    Youth Karate - Advanced (8-12 yrs)
    Yoga - Introduction
    Yoga - Core
    Youth Karate - Beginner (5-8 yrs)
    Youth Karate - Advanced (8-12 yrs)
    Yoga -  Introduction
    Yoga - Core



Students using squat rack at Rec center
Student performing hang clean exercise
Students performing aerobic exercise
Students participating in Zumba class
Students playing basketball
Saint Martin's Women's soccer goalkeeper drop kicking soccer ball.
Saint Martin's Men's basketball team introduction before game
Saint Martin's track and field athletic jumping a hurdle