Faculty Development Committee

Saint Martin’s University promotes faculty development by providing funds for faculty to advance their research and pedagogical development through attending conferences and other development opportunities. Every year, the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) allocates funds in accordance with Faculty Handbook and Faculty Bylaws 4.1. The committee strives to provide funding to as many faculty members as possible and to gather data to continue to advocate on behalf of all faculty.  

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Faculty development funding FAQs

Each fall and spring, an email will be sent to all faculty by the FDC with a call for applications for funds. The email will include a link to an online form where you can submit your funds request.

  • Fall: first week of October

  • Spring: first week of February

Fall announcements will be made no later than the second week of November. Spring announcements will be made no later than the second week of March. If you have not heard from the FDC by this time, please contact the committee.

Yes, your requests should be things that are directly related to your faculty development like attending a conference or training; funding a research trip or supplies to conduct your research; maintaining association memberships; and other related activities. The Faculty Development Committee is composed of faculty that are likely not experts in your field, so you are the ultimate judge of what activities will support your faculty development. While technology requests should be submitted to IT, given the current state of remote conferences, the FDC will consider technology related requests individually. 

Please do not self-select out from applying because of any concerns over the legitimacy of your faculty development activity (ex. the prestige of the conference you may be attending). If an activity is helping further your faculty development, this fund is here to support you. If in doubt, feel free to email the committee or speak to your school’s FDC representative.

No, please request the full amount of funds you need for the year. We calculate the amount of unmet need among the faculty and use it as one of the measures to push for more funding. Also, remember to talk to your department and Dean about any unmet needs you may have.

Please try to provide a general estimate of expenses while being reasonable. We expect that some things will, of course, be estimates. We recognize that you may not have booked a flight or hotel yet, the price of something may change, and/or that some expenses can only be general estimates when you apply. To the best of your ability, please provide estimates of your overall needs.

The faculty development fund runs on the fiscal year (July-June) so money is allocated each year. You should request all of the funds you might need in the fiscal year and spend your allocated funds within that fiscal year. If your conference or other activity is in the spring, you do not have to wait until the spring round to apply. You are welcome to apply in the fall.

For example, I’ve decided to attend a different conference, what should I do?

Please contact the committee so we can approve the change of plans.  If minor things change (ex. you are staying at a different hotel, your flight costs a different amount, etc.), you do not need to get further approval. 

Please let us know as soon as possible so we can award the money to someone else. Unspent funds at the end of the year do not roll over to the next year.

Please contact the Faculty Development Committee directly.

Yes, you can apply during both rounds; however, priority will be given to new applicants.

 Keep itemized receipts of your expenses and submit them to the finance office for reimbursement. Unless you checked in with the Faculty Development Committee because of a change in plans and received approval for new activities, these receipts should generally map on to the requests you submitted in your application.

The Finance Office will be guided by the University Travel Policy. Meals and lodging reimbursements are guided by the US GSA rates for a particular location. Finance will make exceptions, such as staying at a “conference hotel.” If in doubt, ask in advance.

To request reimbursement, please complete and submit the Expense Reimbursement Form. Some frequently used object codes include: 6250 – Computer Software, 6380 – Dues and Memberships, 7820– Training/Education. See award email for account numbers and where to send requests.

Yes, you are still eligible to apply for faculty development funds.

If you are a part-time instructor or lecturer, there is a separate faculty development fund, but please use the same application.