University Budget Cycle

Date Activity
March-April Determine University personnel and staffing, and goods and services needs for the upcoming fiscal year, July 1-June 30.
May Preliminary budget approved by the Board of Trustees. Submit budget adjustment requests (not all budget requests can be approved as our revenues can only sustain a certain level of expenditures).
June Preliminary goods and services budget will be sent to departments as a baseline.
June Submit any budget transfer requests (budget neutral changes).
June-September Determine goods and services needs via cost analysis.
September HR provides roster of updated personnel to CFO for review and Controller performs p. Institutional Research provides final student (10-day) count.
September-October President and CFO review additional budget adjustment requests.
October CFO prepares final budget based on 10-day count. The budget is tuition-driven and based on net program enrollment.
November Final budget is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.
End of November Final budget will be uploaded to updated department budgets with any approved budget adjustments.
Monthly Towards the end of each month (around the 25th), a monthly budget report will be emailed to all cabinet members, deans and budget managers.