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The deadlines for adding a course, dropping a course with and without refunds, and withdrawing from a course with a grade of "W" are listed in the academic calendar.

If you are using Go Army Ed, please be sure to drop your class through their system as well. 

This will send a notification to the SMU-JBLM office, and we can ensure you have been properly dropped from the course. 

When in doubt, please contact your advisor. 

The Center for Student Success is located in the lower level of the O'Grady Library at the Lacey campus, and offers individualized coaching for writing, student success workshops, and peer tutoring in a variety of subjects. Many of these services are also available through email and zoom so be sure to check out what they have to offer.  

Request an incomplete grade: You need to ask your instructor to complete his/her portion, then submit the completed "request incomplete" form from the Registrar's Office to your advisor.

Request to enroll in more than nine credits in a single term: Submit completed form to your advisor.

Order a copy of my official Saint Martin's transcript: Submit completed form to the Registrar. SMU-JBLM offices cannot process official transcript requests, this must be done through the Office of the Registrar at the Lacey campus. 

Change my major: Before changing majors be sure to speak to your advisor to ensure that your intended major is offered at SMU-JBLM. Then, submit a completed "change major" form from the Registrar's Office to your advisor.

Request to enroll in a main campus (Lacey) course: Submit the completed form to either of the SMU-JBLM's offices.

Apply for re-admission: You will need to submit a completed admission application if you have not been enrolled in Saint Martin's classes for a semester or more. If you have taken any classes at other colleges or universities during your time away from Saint Martin's you will need to submit an official transcript from that institution to earn transfer credit. 

Apply for graduation: Submit a graduation application to the Office of the Registrar. Be sure to communicate with your advisor to ensure you have completed all components needed to graduate.

JBLM Base Passes

Students who need eight-week base passes must come to the Visitor's Center at either the Lewis-Main or McChord main gate (from I-5) a few hours early on the first day of class. If your class is being held at the McChord Education Center you will need to arrive at the Visitor's Center at the McChord main gate, exit 125. If your class is being held at the Stone Education Center you need to arrive at the JBLM-Main visitors center, exit 120. 

Visitors' center personnel will need to see a student's enhanced driver's license or passport with driver's license, vehicle registration, current proof of insurance, and Saint Martin's course schedule in order to issue a temporary base pass.

Students can go to the "finances" tab of Self-Service and print a student statement that shows current courses, or request a copy from a Saint Martin's JBLM office.

Textbooks for JBLM and online courses

To determine what books you will need for your courses you must go to the Saint Martin's University Bookstore webpage. 

The SMU Textbook Program is a rental program that gives you access to all your course materials, no need to shop around! You'll receive all your materials, physical books and digital materials, before the first day of class.

On average, you'll save 30-50% on the cost of the course materials each semester. At the end of the semester, you simply return your books to the bookstore or you have the option to buy to own.

All degree-seeking students, undergraduate and graduate, will automatically be enrolled in the program. Currently, this does not include any students in non-degree seeking programs such as WAVets2Tech or the ESL program. Students will have the option to "opt-out" of the program. See the section below on this. 

Expected credit balance

All students with expected credit balances who are using Federal Title IV funds (Direct Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell grants or SEOG) to purchase their textbooks must have a completed refund request form on file with the University every time before a fall/spring/summer term starts. Please select "Yes" authorizing the application of ‘allowable charges’ on the form. Completed forms may be hand carried, faxed, scanned and emailed, or mailed to either of SMU-JBLM's offices at the Stone Education Center or McChord Education Center, or to the Student Accounts office located at our Lacey campus. Please contact Saint Martin's-JBLM to request a book voucher to be issued through MBS Direct.

For JBLM Main:
Saint Martin’s University JBLM Main
P.O. Box 33058
6242 Colorado Ave.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98433
Fax: 253-964-0437

For JBLM McChord:
Saint Martin’s University
62 AW/FSDE, Building 851, Lincoln Blvd., Ste 337
Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98438-1317
Fax: 253-589-1392

For the student accounts office, Lacey Campus:
Saint Martin’s University
Office of Student Accounts
5300 Pacific Avenue SE
Lacey WA 98503-7500
Fax: 360-438-4350

Book vouchers using scholarships/Chapter 31 voc rehab

If you are planning to use scholarship or Chapter 31 vocational rehabilitation and employment funding to buy your textbooks, please register as early as possible. Once you register, we will verify your status and account balances and will forward the authorization to MBS Direct. An email from MBS with your authorization number will be generated and sent to your Saint Martin's email address between 24 to 48 hours after you register.

Note! The last day to use scholarship or voc rehab funds to purchase textbooks, using MBS Direct, is one week after the start of the term. After that time, you can still purchase textbooks from MBS Direct at your own expense.

Certiport Authorized Testing Center

Saint Martin's University is a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.

Saint Martin's Certiport Authorized Testing Center is located is the lower level classroom of O'Grady Library on the main campus of Saint Martin's University in Lacey. Park as needed in lots N, O, or Q. Please follow the steps listed in the link below.

1. Call the proctor at (360) 688-2391 to schedule the date and time of your testing session.

2. Establish a Certiport user account via the Certiport website and obtain a voucher to activate your exam on test day.

3. Register with our Saint Martin's University testing center and pay the $30 testing center fee online.

4. On the day of your test, please remember to bring your Certiport username and password. (Park in lots N, O or Q.)

Get on the network

Network access is needed for university Web-mail, Self-Service, and Moodle. Even one-time or part-time students need access because official university email communication is done via Web-mail, and is very important.

Once you are accepted to SMU-JBLM, a request will be sent to ITS to create your network account. 

Within two business days of your request, you should receive your network username at the email address you designated on your SMU-JBLM application. 

Activate your account by choosing a new network password of at least six characters.  (The password to begin is smu xxxx, where xxxx is the last four digits of your student ID number.)

Create a helpdesk ticket, including you SMU ID number, and a description of the issue occurring. 

The ITS helpdesk will provide you with assistance. 

If the issue involves your SMU email be sure to periodically check your alternative email. This will be ITS's main form of communication if you cannot log into your email.

Scholarships for SMU-JBLM students

The America’s Service Heroes Scholarship is a fully endowed scholarship created through the foresight, generosity, and major financial support provided to Saint Martin’s University by the America’s Credit Union Executive Management Team.  Additional support to complete the endowment was provided by Major Richard B. (Doc) Hecker, Medical Corps, US Army (Retired).  The donors created this fund to provide financial assistance to military service members and their families to further their educational and professional goals through Saint Martin’s University SMU JBLM campus programs.  The award recipient typically receives a monetary award to be applied toward tuition and/or books at Saint Martin’s University campus programs at JBLM Main or JBLM McChord Field.

This scholarship is open only to active-duty, National  Guardsmen, and Reservist Servicemembers. 

Important Notice:

This isn’t a self-nominating scholarship. There isn’t a nomination form to fill out.  Nominees can only be nominated by their JBLM Saint Martin’s University academic advisors. If interested, please let your respective academic advisor know.

The Jennifer Jamison Textbook Scholarship is named after Saint Martin’s University Faculty Member Jennifer Jamison who built her academic teaching career by primarily instructing at the Joint Base Lewis McChord Main and McChord Field campuses of Saint Martin’s University.  Jennifer’s generosity helps qualifying and deserving undergraduate students pay for academic term textbooks.  The scholarship is offered every academic term. 

The scholarship is open to all eligible undergraduate SMU JBLM  campus students.  Active duty students, their family members, and veterans who qualify for this scholarship are encouraged to apply. 

The award is based on need and NOT on the number of nominations received for any one person.  The scholarship can only be awarded once to the same person, and any student previously awarded this scholarship is ineligible to apply. Students who already receive textbook aid from financial aid, other scholarships or veterans’ programs such as VOCREHAB are also ineligible to apply.

We invite you to apply for the Jennifer Jamison Textbook Scholarship by completing an application found at any of our JBLM campus offices.

The Linda Fletcher Memorial Scholarship is named for a former Director of Military Programs at Saint Martin’s University. This scholarship honors her memory by recognizing students who exemplify the qualities that Linda Fletcher felt made successful students as well as special persons. The award recipient typically receives a monetary award to be applied toward tuition and/or books at Saint Martin’s University extension campus programs at Fort Lewis Army Post or McChord Air Force Base.

The award is based on MERIT, SERVICE, and on the QUALITY of the written nomination and NOT on the number of nominations received for any one person.

The Award Committee invites you to nominate recipients for the Linda Fletcher Memorial Scholarship by completing a nomination form found at our JBLM Campuses.

Two $10,000 scholarships are provided to student veterans demonstrating a commitment to and passion for their chosen field of study, as well as demonstrated leadership and engagement within their community.

The 2018 Raytheon Patriot Scholarship is offered exclusively to U.S. Army veterans, and is named after Raytheon's Patriot Air and Missile Defense System. The application will remain open until April 10th, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

You must complete an online application, answer three essay questions, attach the required documents, and have one letter of reference be submitted prior to the deadline to be considered.

All successful candidates must be:

  • A US Army Veteran
  • Be entering their Sophomore, Junior or Senior Year of undergraduate  study or be enrolled in a graduate program for the current  year

Please open the following link for further instructions:

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