Online learning

Students throughout Saint Martin's University-JBLM learning community can take online classes to:

  • Fulfill Saint Martin's degree requirements.

  • Transfer credit to another college or university.

  • Meet professional requirements or other personal educational goals. 

Whether you are located in Washington or out of state, stay connected with your instructors and your classmates using our online learning environment, MOODLE. If you are one of our military families, and move from western Washington, you may be able to finish your degree requirements online—and graduate! 

Are online courses right for me?

If the statements below describe you, there's a good chance you will find Saint Martin's University's online courses to be a good fit for you:

  • I prefer to figure out course and assignment instructions on my own.

  • I have good reading comprehension and I am comfortable expressing myself in writing.

  • I am comfortable learning how to use new software and technologies.

  • I take the initiative to ask for assistance when needed.

  • I am an organized student and often do assignments ahead of time.

  • I can continue the learning process without immediate feedback.

  • I enjoy doing academic research using online sources.

Online courses

Saint Martin's offers over 100 online courses in Moodle! Subject areas include:

  • Psychology, sociology  

  • Economics, history, political science  

  • Criminal justice, legal studies  

  • Accounting, business administration  

  • Art, English, writing, theatre arts  

  • Philosophy, religion  

  • Computer science, math  

Online degrees

Currently, Saint Martin's-JBLM offers psychology as a fully online bachelor's degree program.

Each session we offer different online courses. For upcoming online courses, see Self-Service.