Campus parking guidelines

Welcome to our Lacey campus! Saint Martin’s University is a private institution of higher education located on private property owned by the University and Abbey. These guidelines are in place for the safe and orderly conduct of University and Abbey business. Saint Martin’s University reserves the right to regulate all parking on its property, to establish parking and traffic regulations and to establish monetary penalties for violation of regulations. 

  • Parking regulations are in effect 24 hours per day, year round and do not change between semesters, during breaks or during the summer. 

  • The University accepts no responsibility for vehicles or their contents or for loss due to fire, theft, vandalism, or accidents while parked on campus.

  • Parking is allowed only in marked spaces.

Prohibited parking areas

  • On the grass, parking lot medians, or any landscaped area

  • In fire lanes or within 15 feet of fire hydrants

  • In crosswalks

  • Driveways

  • Disabled parking access aisle located next to a space reserved for persons with physical disabilities

  • Service entrances

  • Along any curb not specifically marked for parking

  • At the edge of paved lots

  • Load zones (unless loading or unloading)

Faculty, staff and student guidelines

All faculty, staff, and student vehicles are required to register and display a current parking permit when parked in permit restricted lots (D, G, M, K, S) except Residence Halls where R, S or temporary permits are required at all times.

Special event participants/attendees and campus visitors

  • Special event participants/attendees and campus visitors, student, faculty, and staff may park in unrestricted parking lots near the Norman Worthington Conference Center without registering their vehicle and obtaining a parking permit.

  • Special event/meeting attendees/summer group vehicles parked in any residence hall parking lot or permit restricted parking lot must display a valid University temporary parking permit. These parking permits are available from Event Services.

Vehicle parking permits

  • Faculty, staff and students wanting to park a vehicle on campus must register the vehicle with the University’s Office of Public Safety and obtain a free parking permit for their vehicle(s).

  • A person may have more than one vehicle registered.

  • Vehicle parking permits are available for employees (E, PE and RE permits), students (S permits), residence hall students (RS permits), and visitors (temporary parking permits).

  • Permits are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week in the Office of Public Safety.

  • Apply for a permit online or in person in Old Main 251. 

Register for a parking permit

Guest parking permit

  • Guests of residence hall students who park on campus must obtain a guest parking permit from the Housing and Residence Life staff in order to park in a residence hall parking lot.

  • Guest passes are available from Housing in the Spangler Hall and Parsons Hall offices.  


For motorcycles, the parking permit may be affixed to a front fork, front fender or windshield. 

Overnight RV registration and payment

Register for an overnight RV parking permit

Temporary permits

  • Temporary parking permits are available from Public Safety for loaner or rental vehicles.

  • Faculty, staff and students may obtain temporary parking permits at the Office of Public Safety with vehicle registration information and proof of liability insurance.

  • Temporary permits authorize parking on campus in restricted lots for a temporary period of time – usually the amount of time necessary to fix or replace ones permanent vehicle.

  • Please place the temporary parking permit in plain view on the dash board of the vehicle. 

  • Parking infraction payments

  • The Office of Student Financial Services will receipt the payment of all parking infractions for students.

  • Faculty, staff and visitors may pay the parking penalty at the Office of Public Safety and will be issued a receipt for payment by Public Safety.

  • Note: Student Financial Services must be cleared before a student’s grades, transcripts or degree will be issued. Unpaid parking infractions also must be paid before registering for the next semester’s classes.


  • Faculty, staff, students, visitors and guests may appeal parking citation electronically within 10 days of the violation date.

  • Directions for appeals and disposition of the violations are written on the back of the recipient’s copy.

  • An appeals committee separate from Public Safety hears and evaluates all parking violation appeals submitted.

  • The appeal decision of the committee is final.

  • Appellants will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

Appeal a parking violation citation

Campus parking lots

  • Resident hall students may obtain a RS vehicle parking permit allowing parking in residence hall parking lots 24-hours per day throughout the year.

  • Students applying for a residence hall parking permit need to bring proof of insurance and the vehicle registration to Public Safety, Old Main 251.

  • Guests of resident hall students may park in a resident hall parking lot by obtaining a guest parking permit from the residence advisor (RA) on duty in the Parsons Hall or Spangler Hall office.

  • Vehicles failing to display a valid residence hall parking permit or a guest parking permit for a residence hall parking lot are subject to a monetary penalty. 

  • Two parking lots are designated for student vehicles displaying a current S or RS parking permit.

  • The softball field K parking lot and the grand staircase S parking lot are reserved for student use between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout the year (except for holidays or when the University is closed).

  • Vehicles failing to display a current parking permit are subject to a monetary penalty.

  • The parking lot between Old Main and the O’Grady Library (the G parking lot) is restricted from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday for those employees displaying a current reserved employee RE parking permit.

  • The University president parking spot in this lot is reserved 24/7. 

  • Two areas are designated for the faculty and staff to park. They are located just north of the Lynch Guest House (the D parking lot) and between the Trautman Student Union Building and Cebula Hall immediately south of Harned Hall (the M parking lot).

  • A current faculty/staff employee E parking permit is required to park in these lots between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday throughout the year.

  • After 5 p.m. on weekdays, or during holidays, these lots are open for free parking.

  • Persons parking for conferences or meetings, using a residence hall, must obtain a guest parking permit from either Event Services (located at the Worthington Conference Center) or Housing and Residence Life (located in the Spangler Hall office).

  • Persons attending conferences or meeting utilizing the Worthington Conference Center or the Marcus Pavilion may park free in the Q and O parking lots next to the Worthington Conference

The visitor parking spaces located at the Lynch Guest House are reserved for guests of the Saint Martin’s Abbey. 

  • Visitors parking (lot C and lots adjacent to Marcus Pavilion) is intended for use by visitors to the Abbey Church and the University.

  • Faculty, staff and students are asked to be mindful of the parking lots' purposes and avoid parking in the visitors lots during business hours.

  • Non-visitors parking in the lots will be issued a parking violation.

  • There are a number of parking locations across campus for people with disabilities.

  • These parking spots are marked by a vertical sign with the international symbol of access, whose colors are white on a blue background, in accordance with Washington State law.

  • All vehicles parking in a location reserved for disabled parking must display an official placard or special license plate issued by the State of Washington or any other state or territory.

  • It is a violation of state law for any vehicle to park in a parking spot reserved for disabled parking without displaying a placard or specialty license plate.

  • Faculty, staff and students having questions as to how to obtain a temporary or permanent disabled parking placard or vehicle license plate can contact the Department of Licensing web site at

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