Gambling policies

Counseling is available for students with gambling or other addictive or problematic habits to identify and assess concerns, identify relevant goals, and assist with appropriate interventions and/or support resources. An overview of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules applied and enforced by Saint Martins University and the SMU Athletic Department. NCAA rules prohibit sports gambling of any kind. In addition to Student-Athletes this rule applies to:  Coaches, Support Staff, Equipment Managers, Student Managers, Athletic Administrators, Athletic Trainers, Student Trainers, Secretaries.

None of the aforementioned people may place any bet of any sort on any University or professional sporting event. They may not give information to anyone who does place bets on University or professional sports.

  • No wagers on any professional or University sports event, even those that do not involve Saint Martin's University

  • No participation in any activity that involves predictions of athletic contests (radio, television, newspaper, etc.)

  • No sports "pools" even those run by friends

  • No internet gambling on sports events

  • No sports wagering using "800" numbers

  • No exchange of information about your team with anyone who gambles. This means no information about injuries, new plays, team morale, discipline problems or anything else.

The consequences for violation of these rules are that the student-athlete will be declared ineligible to compete in University sports. SMU student-athletes are informed that if they place bets of any kind on any University or professional sport or if they give information to anyone who uses that information to make a bet, they are at risk of being:

  • Removed from their team

  • Expelled from University

  • Turned down for future jobs

  • Sent to jail

Furthermore, they are forewarned that sports wagering can destroy any future plans, dreams, or hopes for themselves. For this reason, University athletes, administrators, athletic staff members and conference staff officials may not gamble on University or professional sporting events.