These are the subjects that faculty, staff and students frequently have questions or concerns about. If you have a question not addressed in any of these areas, please contact the Help Desk or the Computer Resource Center.

Account FAQ

A network account provides you with access to the Saint Martin’s University network, a campus computer login, an email address, and access to Self-Service and Moodle. Student accounts are created after the University has received a student’s deposit. Non-student accounts are created once hiring paperwork has been processed. Those in need of accounts can contact the ITS Help Desk or the Admissions Department for assistance.

New students, faculty and staff should activate their network accounts as soon as possible by choosing a network password.

Please note that SMU network passwords expire after 150 days. If your password is not working check that the CAPS Lock for your keyboard is turned off. Your SMU network password is used to access campus computers, SMU email, Moodle, and Self-Service. If you are having trouble accessing one of these resources you may want to try another resource to make sure the problem is with your password.  If you are unable to access any of the SMU Network resources you may want to try choosing a new password.

Passwords can be changed at any University computer. If you login with your expired password the system will notify you and give you the opportunity to choose a new password. If you would like to choose a different password, log in, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, click Change password. Type in your current password. Press tab. Type in your new password. Press tab. Re-type your new password for verification. Press enter.
If you need to change the password from the internet use the change password form.

If you are unable to choose a new network password using the change password form please contact the ITS Help Desk (360-438-4338) for a password reset. You can also request a password reset in person from the ITS Help Desk, the O'Grady Library reference desk or the Copy Resource Center in Old Main. Once your password has been reset you will need to choose a new password before you can login to any of your SMU Netowrk resources, as the default password is always expired.

Passwords must be 6 to 14 characters long. No previous passwords allowed. You are encouraged to use unique passwords with a combination of characters, numbers and letters. This will make your password more secure.

Network passwords expire after 150 days.

  1. Go to change your network password
  2. User name: your user name (usually firstname.lastname)
  3. Old password: your current password
  4. New password: type new password (6 character minimum)
  5. Confirm: re-type your new password
  6. Click OK
  7. You may now select Check my email or go to the website and select the email link

Email FAQ

This feature is for computers connected to our Microsoft Exchange server.

If you are asked to monitor and routinely respond to email for a department mailbox or someone else's account, you will need to add their mailbox to your Outlook software. First you must have permissions to access the other mailbox. The mailbox owner can grant permissions by sharing the mailbox with you or the permissions can be set by ITS.

To add the mailbox

  1. Open Outlook 2010 and click File.
  2. Under Account Settings, click Account Settings.
  3. On the Email tab click Change.
  4. Click More Settings.
  5. Click the Advanced tab.
  6. Click Add, and then type the mailbox you want to add to your Outlook software.
  7. If you do not know the mailbox name of the person, contact the Help Desk.

You can easily access your email account using Microsoft Outlook Web Access by clicking one of the "Web Email" links on our website. You can automatically set up Outlook 2010 to access your school email account through Microsoft Exchange using only your email address and password.

You may also access your email account using POP or IMAP, but you will not be able to access many of the calendaring and collaboration features available through your Exchange account. With POP, if you do not check the box to leave a copy of your messages on the server, your messages will be moved to your computer and will no longer be available from the web or any other computer.

To add your email account to your smart phone or if you need to manually configure your email setup, you will need some basic information about connecting to our server:

Microsoft Exchange email server settings

Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
Incoming mail server
Email address
Username Usually firstname.lastname
Password our Saint Martin's network password
SSL required? Yes, this box should be checked

Adding your email account to Outlook 2010

  1. Open Outlook 2010. If the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup wizard displays automatically, on the first page of the wizard, click Next. Then, on the Email Accounts page of the wizard, click Next again to set up an email account. If the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Startup wizard doesn't appear, on the Outlook 2010 toolbar, click the File tab. Then, just above the Account Settings button, click Add Account.
  2. On the Auto Account Setup page, Outlook may try to automatically fill in the Your Name and Email Address settings based on how you are logged on to your computer. If the settings are filled in and they are correct, click Next to have Outlook finish setting up your account. If the settings on the Auto Account Setup page are not filled in or are not correct, type the correct settings based on the network account information that was provided to you.
  3. After you click Next on the Auto Account Setup page of the wizard, Outlook will perform an online search to find your email server settings. You'll be prompted to enter your user name and password during this search. Make sure that you enter your full email address (for example, as your user name. If Outlook is able to set up your account, you'll see the following text: "Your email account is successfully configured." Click Finish. If Outlook is not able to set up your account, try signing in to Web email from the Quick Links menu on our website. After you sign in to your account using Outlook Web App, sign out. Then try adding your account again using Outlook.

After I log in to SMU Outlook Web Access I see an error stating "Page cannot be displayed"

Possible solutions

  • User name is not typed correctly, it is usually firstname.lastname
  • Password is not typed correctly, type password again
  • You may need to add this site to your list of trusted sites
    • From your Internet Explorer toolbar menu choose Tools
    • Click on Internet Options
    • Choose the Security tab
    • Click Trusted Sites
    • Click the Sites button
    • In the field labeled Add this website to the zone enter
    • Click Add and close the menus
    • You will need to restart your browser to apply the new settings

If you continue to have trouble, you can verify that your network password is correct by accessing SelfService and/or Moodle since they use the same login information. Please remember that network passwords expire after five months.

Network FAQ

Connecting to the Internet is a two step process; First you connect to the campus network by either using a network cable or a wifi connection, then you register you device on the campus network. Once you have done both of these things you will be able to access the internet.

The wifi passphrase is smusaints.
Instructions to connect to the wireless network.
Please note that we recommend using a network cable to connect the network from your campus residence.

When you connect to the campus network for the first time, opening any webpage in your browser should automatically redirect you to Follow the onscreen directions to complete your registration. If you have the MAC address for the device you want to register and you have access to a computer connected to the internet, you can register another device by going to and selecting “register another device.” If you want help registering your personal computer, game console or smart phone, please contact the help desk at or 360-688-2222. You are also welcome to visit us in the O’Grady Library on the main level next to the elevator.

Possible solutions

  1. Restart your computer; the computer might not have recognized the network when started last.
  2. Verify cables to wall jack or computer are not loose or unplugged.
  3. Substitute a different ethernet cable; if the network works, you could have a bad cable which needs to be replaced.
  4. Plug into a different wall jack; if a connection is established, call the ITS department at 360-438-4338 or to report the broken jack which did not work.
  5. If you can connect to the campus network but not access the internet, see the above tab.

Printing FAQ

Each student receives $10.00 from their technology fee as printing credit for that semester. If you exceed that credit, you may add money to your account at the circulation desk in the O'Grady Library or at the counter in the CRC/Copy Center (OM 350), or through the Help Desk. Printing charges are $0.03/page for b/w and $0.20/page for color. The engineering lab printers have different printing costs for the plotter and color printer. Full-page color printing has additional charges per page.

Networked printers

When you first logged in, did you accidentally hit escape?

If you accidentally hit escape, you will have to save your current work to the computer you are on and log out, then log back in again.

Did you turn your printer off the night before?

If so, check to make sure your printer is on.

Are you sure that your computer is printing to the printer you want?

What is the name of the printer in the print dialog box when you select print?

Is the printer you are trying to print to a network printer or is it connected to another computer?

If it is a network printer, try logging out and logging in again to reset the connection to the server. If it is a printer connected to someone else's computer, make sure that the computer to which it is connected is on.

Do you get a printer out of paper error or does the printer just sit and act like it wants to print, but nothing is coming out?

Check the printer to make sure there is paper in the paper tray. Check the lights on the printer to see if one green light is on. If a red/orange light is on there is either a paper jam, it's out of paper or it's out of toner.

Have you set page size to Letter in Page Setup?

To check choose Select All (usually under Edit) and select page setup. Ensure Letter is selected as page size.

Is what you are trying to print a document from the Internet or a website?

Check to see if there is a Print this page button. If not, you may have to highlight the text from the site, copy it and paste it into a word document to print it. Some sites contain content that cannot be printed.

Turn the printer off for about ten seconds and then on again.

If this fails, try restarting the computer, try another computer or try printing to another printer.

Non-networked printers (ones usually used in offices)

  • Try printing a small document
  • Check that all the cables are correctly plugged in
  • Check that the printer is turned on
  • Check that the printer is correctly chosen in the Print menu
  • Restart both the printer and the computer
  • Reselect the printer
  • Reinstall the printer drivers
  • If possible, try a different printer cable or a different printer of the same type
  • Try the printer on a different machine
  • Bring the printer in for service

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