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The mission of institutional research (IR), as the designated office of official data reporting and analysis for Saint Martin's University, is to provide decision and planning support services to enhance institutional effectiveness.

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The IR Office encourages and supports employees and external parties in utilizing institutional data (which includes both quantitative and qualitative data) to:

  • Inform decision-making

  • Improve the quality of business operations in support of the University’s mission

  • Support new initiatives

It is important to note that the IR Office has institutional priorities and deadlines. The highest priority items are:

  • Required compliance external reporting; including federal, state and accreditation agencies

  • Requests for the Board of Trustees, cabinet members, committee representatives and other institutional planning purposes

  • Department and program requests for assessment purposes, program review and grant applications

Published reports

Prior to submitting a customized data request, please review the links to published reports below:



Institutional data is produced and maintained by other offices at Saint Martin’s University. All employees and external parties have the right to expect the requested institutional data to be accurate, and, all who maintain the institutional data have the responsibility to keep them accurate.

With the exception of mandated reporting to the Federal and State Governments, the requested institutional data will be given in aggregate form; no identifying factors will be included in the dataset unless very specific conditions have been met (this includes demonstrating proven knowledge of and adherence to FERPA and/or HIPAA regulations. See below for more information). Although the use of public datasets does not require adherence to FERPA and/or HIPAA regulations, the institutional datasets should still be handled with care.

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