University Budget FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about University budget processes and policies.


July – June.

In efforts to better assist and inform members of the University’s budgeting process.

If you are a cabinet member, dean or budget manager, a monthly budget report will be emailed via

Simply email a request including the department number needed.

Email and we can assist you in finding ways to correct any errors and investigate how the error occurred to help prevent it in the future.

Any budget neutral changes (changes that do not increase the bottom-line of the University budget) can be easily done via the budget transfer form.


Please contact the, and we can assist in finding solutions. Depending on the financial status of the University, the purchase may be delayed until the University has funds to cover the additional expense.

As you may know, Saint Martin's is a tuition driven University. Meaning, we operate on the revenue that is generated by the students that attend Saint Martin's. The number of students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and international programs dictates how much money the University has to spend on goods and services. Even if enrollment may increase in one year, the University incurred prior year losses that it has to recover before being able to increase current year budget.