Jonathan S. Tomhave, Ph.D.

Jonathan Tomhave, Ph.D.

Adjunct, Communication Studies


Dr. Tomhave is a founding member and researcher of the N.D.N. Players Research Group. His current area of interest focuses on the gamification of Indigenous philosophies in board and card game design, challenges both Ameritrash and Euro Games which often perpetuate, foster, and idolize colonial policies, methods, and projects. In addition, Dr. Tomhave is a cultural and game mechanic consultant for game developers regarding appropriate and respectful cultural representation in both new and existing intellectual properties. His expertise in this area stems from his knowledge and experience in media production, ethnographic research, American Indian, Indigenous studies, and the field of Communication. Finally, Dr. Tomhave is a presenter and the producer of the N.D.N. Players Podcast.

Select Publications:

  • Tomhave, J. Prather, T. and Bushell, J. (2021).
  • How to Get From Indigenous Philosophies to Game Mechanics. Maytaway Quarterly, 1:3 (pp. 10-13).
  • Tomhave, J. Prather, T. and Bushnell, J. (2017).
  • How Do You Say Watermelon? Transmotion, 3:1 (pp. 45-69).
  • Website: