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Billing, repayment and refunds

Billing statements are currently mailed out the first week of the month. Students can view their account activity in "real time" through their Self-Service account.

Student Financial Services is excited to announce that we will soon be going paperless with no paper statements being mailed. An email will be sent once that process goes live. Please check your statement in Self-Service regularly and contact us with any questions.

Saint Martin's payment policy and due dates

  • All payments and/or arrangements are due one week (five business days) prior to the start of the term or no later than the first day of the semester/term if registration occurs after this deadline to avoid late charges or holds on the account.
    This is referred to as Payment Validation and this form is required prior to the start of the semester/term.

Payment validation form

  • Balances must be cleared by the end of each semester to register for a new term

  • Financial aid recipients must have all required aid documents submitted to the Office of Financial Aid prior to the start of the semester/term.

  • Payment plans are available for students with accounts in good standing. See payment plan information below.

  • Chapter 33 Post-9/11 VA benefits are not considered financial aid for purposes of calculating the balance due to the institution.

Payment options

Type of payments accepted

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order or traveler's checks either in person in Student Financial Services or by mail.

Credit/debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card payments are accepted online only through the student’s Self-Service Account. Please be aware that a convenience fee applies to payments made by credit/debit card. Credit/debit card payments cannot be accepted in person, by phone, email, mail or fax. Electronic check payment (e-check) option is also available online through the student's Self-Service account. E-check payments are free.


Aid is disbursed and posted to the individual student account after the published add/drop period each semester. Should a student receive funds in excess of their balance, the Student Financial Services Center will issue a refund for the credit due the student or parent depending on the type of funding.

Credit balances are reviewed weekly to determine student refund eligibility. Refunds are processed on a weekly basis for eligible students from a credit report generated from PowerCAMPUS. This ensures timely refunding of any potential Title IV credit balances.

Refunds to students are processed through BankMobile (see information below) or via SMU check depending on the option selected by the student. Students authorizing BankMobile for their refund but have not set up a preference with BankMobile, will have their refund default to an SMU check to avoid delays in receiving an eligible refund.

Refunds to parents are processed by check directly from the University. International student refunds that have not selected BankMobile will have refunds processed by SMU check or wire transfer if information is provided.

Refunds to third party payers are processed by check directly from the University or by EFT based on agreement.

To have your aid disbursed, you must have been awarded aid, not have any holds on your aid, if you are borrowing loans have completed required entrance counseling and signed promissory notes, and are registered for the minimum required credits.


Student refunds - BankMobile

Saint Martin’s University delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursement, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. Visit this link for more information:

To view our contract, click on the following link: 

Students must authorize Saint Martin's University to send their ID# and address information to BankMobile. To provide consent, go to your Self Service account and to the Consents & Reports tab. Contact Student Financial Services at with any questions. 

Students expecting a credit balance may be eligible for book vouchers or an emergency loan.  See below for details.

Military Tuition Assistance schedule for returning unearned TA

(TA return policy only for service members using military tuition assistance)

The Department of Defense requires that schools return any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60% completion portion of the course regardless of the reason for withdrawal. Any unearned funds returned go directly to the military service and not to the service member. Any adjustments to TA funds may leave a balance to the school. This unpaid balance is the responsibility of the student.

Download schedule

Refund percentage based on drop or withdrawal date

Fall 2023: Main campus and JBLM or extended learning programs with 16-week sessions from August 28 to December 15.

Date of drop or withdrawal* 

Percent of tuition charges dropped 

Prior to August 28

100 percent 

From August 28 to September 8

100 percent 

From September 9 to September 15

75 percent 

From September 16 to September 22

50 percent 

From September 23 to September 29

25 percent 

After September 29

No charges dropped 

* The last day to add a class for the 16-week sessions is September 1.  September 8 is the last day to have 100 percent of tuition charges dropped for these 16-week sessions.  

***8-week sessions have a shorter drop period. Contact Student Financial Services if you have questions about drop dates for those sessions.***

Refunds are determined by the date the withdrawal or drop form is received in the records office and not the date it is signed by the student and/or advisor or instructor. Please pay close attention to dates and deadlines. 

Financial aid recipients should be aware that changes in your enrollment could affect your aid.

Additional information

Payment plan

A monthly payment plan is often a positive option for many families in making tuition costs more affordable.

Saint Martin's has partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce (NCC), to offer a monthly payment plan. Nelnet Campus Commerce is a division of Nelnet, one of the leading education planning and finance companies in the nation.

Payment plans can be set up for the school year (fall/spring) or for one semester based on the student's enrollment. Plans do not extend beyond the end of the enrollment period and are designed to clear the account by the end of the term. There is a fee to enroll in a monthly payment plan but no interest charge on the plan itself. Payments made to NCC can be done via Automatic Bank Payment (ACH) from your checking or savings account, or credit/debit card. 

***Nelnet does not have access to your SMU student account, so you must be sure to budget correctly based on your estimated charges and expected aid to determine what you will owe out-of-pocket. Adjustments can be made with Nelnet if your balance due to the school changes.  

If you need help determining your balance due, please email us at or for an estimate. 

To enroll in a Nelnet payment plan:

  • Visit

  • Click on "enroll today"

  • Or, call Nelnet’s customer service department at 800-609-8056

  • Be sure the plan is set up in the Student’s name and not the parent

  • Enter the student’s SMU ID number using the 9-digit number starting with 000.

University book vouchers

Saint Martin's University students, who are expecting credit balances based on their financial aid or outside sponsors, may be eligible for a book voucher  prior to the disbursement of their aid or receipt of outside funding that can be used at the University bookstore on the Lacey campus. Vouchers are available two weeks prior to the start of the semester.  Vouchers can be used online or in person at the University Bookstore.

Students enrolled in online classes or through the University’s extended learning campuses and are expecting a credit balance, may be eligible for a book voucher to be used through the school’s online bookstore.

Emergency loans

Saint Martin's University students, who are expecting credit balances based on their financial aid or outside sponsors, may be eligible for an emergency loan prior to the disbursement of their aid or receipt of outside funding of up to $500 provided the credit balance is at least $500.  Emergency loans are available the first day of the semester/term for which the student is enrolled. 


Questions? We're here to help!

Student Financial Services

Endorsing the Catholic Benedictine values of faith, reason, service, and community, the Student Financial Services Center supports the mission of Saint Martin's University to empower students in their pursuit of learning and honors their sacredness as individuals as well as their families and our community in an efficient and caring professional manner. Student Financial Services handles tuition/fees and room/board billing and payments, payment plan information, student health insurance and sponsored billing for students using outside sources such as VA benefits, Tuition Assistance, International Sponsors and other sponsoring agencies.