Students who are enrolled half-time or more on the Lacey campus are required to have health insurance coverage. Student who carry their own insurance coverage may submit a petition to waiver the Saint Martin's health insurance fee. Waivers are good for the academic year provided that the coverage listed has not changed.

Domestic student health insurance plan

For information regarding the University's student health insurance plan, please see the Summary of Benefits and Coverage or by contacting USI Insurance Services at (800) 853-5899.

Plan costs and coverage dates

  Fall Spring/summer Summer
Coverage 8/26/19 - 1/12/19 1/13/20 - 8/24/20 5/18/20 - 8/24/20
Waiver deadline 9/16/19 2/3/20  
Student only $1,030 $1,637.64 $752.73


Students who have their own coverage must submit an online waiver form directly to the University's health insurance provider by the first day of the semester. If the waiver is accepted, the insurance charge will be removed from the student's account within approximately three business days. If the waiver is denied, the student will have the opportunity to appeal the request directly online.

Domestic health insurance waiver form »

International student health insurance plan

For information regarding the University's international student health insurance plan, please visit Firebird International Insurance Group, LLC at:

Plan costs and coverage dates

Semester Eligible student

*Includes $10 administrative fee


All international students at Saint Martin’s must purchase insurance through the university from Firebird International Insurance Group, LLC.  Exceptions to this requirement will be made only for visiting exchange students (provided their insurance meets all J1 visa insurance requirements), and students sponsored by scholarships which include insurance coverage.  Any exceptions must first be approved by the Office of International Programs and Development.