Whether you choose to organize a club or participate in a workshop, pursue student employment or engage in student government, or perhaps all of the above, you'll find opportunities here that will enrich your academic experience and prepare you to become a leader who will make decisions with integrity and motivate others to serve the common good.

Leadership programs

Through these formal leadership experiences, you will develop practical leadership skills (effective communication, critical thinking, and ethical decision making) and enhance a theoretical understanding of leadership (ethical leadership, servant leadership, and interfaith leadership). You will explore how their personal values and understanding of the Benedictine themes and values influence their individual leadership philosophy.

  • Benedictine Leadership Program

    With the Benedictine Leadersip Program (BLP), you'll learn about leadership, the Benedictine values, and how the two intersect. This program is dedicated to preparing students for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the campus community. You'll reflect deeply on your own personal values and examine how these values will help you address the complex problems facing our shared humanity. 

    Note: This program is highly encouraged for all students interested in leadership positions on campus, including ASSMU, club presidents, resident advisors, conference assistants, orientation leaders, campus ministry student leaders and student security officers. 

    Benedictine Leaders Program (BLP)

    This is a three-part credit-bearing leadership course at Saint Martin’s University.

    • BLP Phase 1: Values Based Leadership
    • BLP Phase 2: Theories Based Leadership
    • BLP Phase 3: Service & Leadership (Phase 1 & 2 must be successfully completed before enrolling in this course).

    Although any student can participate in BLP workshops and trainings, all students seeking leadership positions on campus must complete the first phase. Students will be hired or selected for official leadership positions for the next academic year upon successful completion.

    Community Leadership Summit

    The Community Leadership Summit is the culminating day-long conference (free to attend and lunch is provided), on Feb. 2, 2019, that includes a keynote address, education workshops and a small group discussion. The Summit this year will emphasize global and intercultural knowledge and awareness, with workshops that will provide students with tangible take away skills. Attending this workshop is an excellent resume addition when applying for Saint Martin's leadership positions on campus like Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, AHANA Mentors, etc. 

    Registration is now live and closes Jan. 21.

    Sign up for the Community Leadership Summit

    Questions? Contact Katie Wieliczkiewicz at kwieliczkiewicz@stmartin.edu

  • Norcia Leadership Community

    The Norcia Leadership Community in Spangler Hall is a partnership between Housing and Residence Life, the Benedictine Leaders Program and the Benedictine Institute. In this residential program, Saint Martin’s emerging student leaders are paired with first-year students committed to following in their footsteps. Students who apply to be a part of the community, as first-years or as mentors, share an enthusiasm for community and a desire to leave a mark at Saint Martin's. For more information, visit the Norcia page.

Leadership initiatives

At Saint Martin’s, you'll be surrounded my peers working for a fairer, more equitable world through several campus initiatives. The value we place on living in community highlights the importance of social justice. And working towards the common good includes supporting initiatives around sustainability and taking care of our common home, earth. 

  • Social justice

    Social justice involves learning firsthand the challenges faced by different communities. Consider becoming involved in the following:

    • Clothing Bank
    • Community Kitchen
    • Green Dot program, a bystander empowerment initiative
    • Sacred Heart Emergency Outreach
    • SAVE, Saints Against Violence Everywhere
    • Service immersion trips to Portland, Yakima and Tanzania
    • Take Back the Night, an annual event with the mission to end all sexual violence

Campus leadership opportunities

Working on campus helps develop a sense of community and belonging. As a student employee, you will establish a work record and learn fundamental skills of employment such as punctuality, time management, communication and cooperation. At Saint Martin's, you will also have opportunities to make a direct impact on your community. Depending on your interest, you can be involved with University admissions, advising, fundraising and campus life programming.

  • Student employment

    When you take a job on campus, you'll gain preparation for the world of work through the processes of interviewing, hiring, training, supervision, relating to coworkers and the public, meeting expectations, and goal achievement. You'll also have opportunities to gain work experience directly related to your field of study.

    Learn more about student employment opportunities

  • Student government, committees and organizations

    By participating in student government, board committees and student organizations, you will have an opportunity to shape our community and support your peers.

    Consider the following important student roles:

    • Admissions tour guide
    • ASSMU executive officer or senator
    • ASSMU committee member
    • The Belltower (our student newspaper) staff
    • Board of trustees committee member
    • Club officer or member
    • First-year seminar peer mentor
    • National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)
    • Orientation leader
    • Campus Ministry student leaders
    • Programming Specialist (PROS), student activities board
    • Social Squad

    Note: Many of the above student leadership positions require that you complete the Benedictine Leaders Program (BLP) Phase I prior to applying.