Interested in current events, public speaking, and thinking critically about controversial issues? Join the Saint Martin’s Debate Team and explore topics related to ethics, philosophy and public policy. As part of the Debate Team, you will participate in NPDA debate, Ethics Bowl, and community debates.

Why debate?

Debate teaches critical thinking, logic, organization, argumentation, and communication. These skills are essential regardless of a student’s academic or professional path. Additionally, debate is a community and many students develop their closest friendships through their participation in the activity. Each of these formats provides students with a unique set of skills in the area logic and argumentation.


What are the team requirements?

Saint Martin’s Debate is open to students of all skill-levels, experience, and fields of study. Experience and participation in activities such as mock trial, policy debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, individual events, and theater are helpful in becoming a successful collegiate debater. However, many of the most competitive debaters have no formal training in the activity and the coaching staff enjoys the opportunity to introduce new debaters to the activity.

Additionally, we welcome students with a variety of academic interests. The topics we debate cover a wide array of fields and successful teams have advice and insight from a number of different disciplines.

Students should anticipate practicing for approximately an hour each week. The amount of time devoted to practice will increase as we approach major tournaments. For information about our practice schedule, please contact Fr. David Pratt (