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Saints Promise

Our Promise to you, Saint...

We believe that students who make an investment in career planning have more successful outcomes.  As a cohort of Saints Promise students, you have the opportunity to:

  • purposely engage with your faculty advisors to connect your academic program to your career goals
  • meet potential employers to learn the needs of the economy
  • get advice from Saint Martin’s alumni
  • participate in activities designed to help you learn where your talents and interests are
  • complete an internship to gain valuable experience, and more….

We are confident that when you follow these steps, you will have a successful outcome.  If you do not secure employment or graduate school within six months of Commencement, after completing the terms of the Saints Promise opt-in form, Saint Martin’s will guarantee a three-month paid internship or tuition-free enrollment to a Saint Martin's graduate program* for one semester**.

Contact Ann Adams, Associate Dean and Director, in the Center for Career and Calling to learn more, or to get help with completing your opt-in form to join the Saints Promise program!

*Three-year Saints Promise students will only be eligible for tuition-free enrollment into a graduate program; they will not be eligible for the three-month paid internship
**Terms and conditions apply.


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Sign the opt-in form today! Once you opt-in, you will receive an email from the Center for Career and Calling to talk about next steps. As always, you can reach out to us if you have any questions about this exciting program. You can contact Ann Adams, Associate Dean.

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Saints Promise Documents

After graduation

Thank You Supporters!

Thank you to all the amazing supporters of this program! 

Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) Grant
Puget Sound Energy Powerful Partners Grant
Alumni and Friends of Saint Martin's University

Connecting with us!

Making connections is what we do. If you are a student or alumni, we help prepare you for the job market. If you're an employer, we'd love to introduce you to our Saints.

Connect with us and we'll connect you!

Ann Adams
Associate Dean of Students
Director of Career Development


Hours and location
Old Main, room 257
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 360-438-4382

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Requirements of the Saints Promise Program

First Year



  • Complete TypeFocus Personality Assessment
  • 10-minute check-in with Center for Career and Calling staff*
  • Attend Vocation 101 workshop*

By end of academic year, meet with Academic Advisor twice and complete information interview and/or job shadow

Second Year


  • Attend Resume workshop*
  • Submit resume and have reviewed*


  • Attend LinkedIn workshop*
  • Declare a major

By end of academic year, complete BLP Phase I course, attend one Career Fair (1 of 7), meet with Academic Advisor twice, and complete information interview and/or job shadow


Third Year


  • Attend Etiquette, Professionalism and Networking workshop*
  • Attend Financial Wellness workshop*


  • Complete TypeFocus Career Readiness assessment
  • Attend Vocation 201 workshop*

By end of academic year, attend one Career Fair (1 of 7) and meet with Academic Advisor twice

Fourth Year


  • Complete reflection paper (prompt provided by Steering Committee)
  • Attend Mock Interview workshop*
  • Complete mock interview with Center for Career and Calling staff
  • Attend Networking Social
  • Complete Experiential Learning Experience (internship, study abroad, service project, etc.)


  • 10-minute wrap up meeting with Center for Career and Calling staff*
  • Submit final resume and have reviewed*

By end of academic year, attend one Career Fair (1 of 7) and meet with Academic Advisor twice

By Commencement

  • Attend Diversity/Social Justice event (i.e. Breaking Bread, LatinXPression)
  • Attend Academic event (i.e. Harvey Lecture, Wisdom & Chocolate)
  • Complete one leadership class (i.e. BLP courses), attend leadership summit, or hold a leadership role on campus 
  • Conduct an active job/graduate school search starting before graduation and during six months after graduation without regard to geographic location
  • 3.0 GPA at Graduation